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Friday, September 5, 2014

Fab Friday Faves 9.5.14

Happy Friday Darlings!  This week has been pretty quiet, just doing my own thing while Nicole is gone.  Today I scrubbed down the entire apartment in anticipation of Josh's Dad and stepmom coming this evening, only to find out they aren't coming now until tomorrow.  I guess at least I have some time to relax!  We plan on going to the Museum of Natural History and doing a cruise out past the Statue of Liberty.   Hopefully the weather cooperates and it turns out to be a good weekend!  Anyway, enjoy your weekend!  It is still supposed to be super hot here until the end of the month, but I know I saw that there is snow in the forecast for some places in Saskatchewan next week, so enjoy the time you have left without snow my fellows Saskies!

1.  When we were in Pennsylvania a few weeks ago, I picked up some succulents, because I love them and they are great apartment window sill plants.  I bought some pots at the discount store Marden's in Maine and some succulent soil and river gravel from Home Depot here in Jersey City.  And finally yesterday I laid down some newspaper and the cats and I got our paws dirty and planted some of them.  I didn't realize how many succulents I had but lets just say I need a lot more pots!  But it was a start and they turned out so cute!

2. These cute shoes i got at Wet seal in the mall by my place.  They have a buy one get one 50% off sale on right now and I got these and a pair of camo leggings for $15!  Can't beat that right?  Get yours here- Wet Seal Tribal Slip-ons.

3. How adorable are these socks?  One of my new favorite stores Ruby and Jenna with a store in Hoboken carries these and about 20 other different cute socks.  Puppies, macaroons, Fruit Loops etc.  Love them!

4. When Josh and I were in upstate NY, and it ended up pouring on our last day, we decided to check out the lake George Outlets.  It was awful because they were so packed and picked over, but I did manage to find these cute booties in Gap for $20.  Makes me wish for cooler weather, as hard as it is to say that!

5. On one of our shopping days, the girls and I found a ton of these dainty, cute earrings at Dear Hannah, also in Hoboken.  Just too cute!

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  1. With fall coming #4 is going to be in season soon! :)

  2. OMG the socks! Definitely originals!

    I have family up in Saskatchewan! Small world. Hope you have a lovely weekend!


  3. Succulents are my favorite because even I can't mess them up, haha! And those arrow earrings are adorable, I'm all about studs lately!