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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Camping in Upstate NY

Last weekend Josh and I left the hustle and bustle again to go to the Lake George area in upstate New York.  This was possibly our last free weekend until October, so we thought it best that we make use of the warm weather while it is here since we are pretty sure that fall is on it's way.  Lake George is located in the Adirondacks in the upper region of the Appalachian valley between Albany, NY and Montreal.  It took us just over three hours to get there from Jersey city early Saturday morning.

We had just decided a couple days before going, where we were going to go.  We called several campgrounds (oh did I mention we were going to tent?) and they were all filled.  Finally, we found one site left in a campground.  We were a little concerned that it would be a dud site seeing as it was the only one left, but it turned out to be gorgeous!  We quickly set up our site, which was actually located about 12 miles from Lake George in Lake Luzerne and quickly headed back into Lake George Village.  

We had also booked a steam boat cruise for that afternoon around Lake George on the Minne-Ha-Ha. It is one of only three remaining major stern wheel steamboats in America and was commissioned in 1969.  After a seemingly endless wait in line, we took our spots, listened to the captain play the steam whistle (I felt like i was in a Steamboat Willie cartoon) and off we went.  

The paddle wheel.  We are the mistake of sitting right above this, and it was like a light misting rain the entire time, luckily it was really hot so it kinda felt nice!

Suck a gorgeous view!

There were parasailers out all over the lake.  A few minutes into the tour, I checked my phone, and saw that Josh had put up a picture of the boat and that we were going on it.  Someone had commented under the picture saying that the Captain was their uncle and he was in our picture!  Turns out it was the daughter of Josh's first grade teacher that had seen it and told her mom, who then texted her brother in law.  Near the end of the cruise the captain came on the speaker and said "Josh McMann please meet the captain when we dock"

One of the other tour boats out on the lake.

A couple of the mansions on Millionaire's Row.  There was quite huge hoes like this, several artists, writers and other famous people have houses here.  Including the Rockefellers.

We also got one of those ridiculously expensive photos that all the touristy places take.  But, it's cute right!?  We also did end up meeting the Captain John and chit chatting with both the captains for a few minutes.  Such a small world!

After our cruise, we walked back up to Lake George Village to do some shopping and sightseeing.  We were pretty shocked how touristy it was, very geared toward families, actually very Niagara Falls like but still a beautiful place, and PACKED with people because of the Labor Day weekend.   A view of Canada Street and also a couple cute shirts we found.  

Our next stop was to the top of Prospect Mountain for some gorgeous views and relaxing.  Normally we would have tried to hike a big chunk of this, but we were pretty pressed for time as we only had Saturday and Sunday, but they were calling for rain for Sunday.  At the top of the mountain is the 100 Mile View.  Breathtaking!

We went to the Adirondack Pub and Brewery for a fantastic steak dinner.  By this time it was getting dark and we were tired, so we hurried back to our campsite to get the fire started and do some relaxing!

It turned out to be a gorgeous evening and we enjoyed the campfire and an early bedtime.  We have only really ever camped together a couple times and I forgot that we actually really enjoy it! (If I have somewhere close I can shower at in the morning!)

We woke up to pretty threatening skies on Sunday, and sure enough, right on schedule with the forecast, it started to rain around 9:00.  It let up a bit and we were able to get our tent taken down and go into town for some mini-golfing at Pirate's Cove.  We love Mini-golfing, and even though I am way better than him, Josh ended up beating me.

By the time we were done it was pretty much pouring, and we needed somme food, so we went out for some delicious BBQ!  Since it was still pouring, we went to the nearby outlet center for some shopping.  Apparently everyone else also had the same idea; it was worse than Christmas shopping in the stores!  Everything was pretty well picked over, but I did mention to get a super cute pair of booties from Gap, so I was happy!  Our drive home was long and rainy, but it was totally worth the trip and we can't wait to go back at some point in the next few months!

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