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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Alice's Tea Cup/Fall in Manhattan

We may be in hot and sunny Florida now, but that doesn't mean that my NYC stories are quite over yet!  A couple days before we left, I decided to take on last trip into Manhattan just to say goodbye to a couple of my favorite places, and have one last new adventure.  

Somehow, after a year and a half of spending many days researching things to do in NYC and just wandering there, I missed ever hearing about the three Alice's Tea Cup locations.  As the name pretty much states, they are tea houses based on Alice in Wonderland, all located in Upper Manhattan. 

I started out just wandering up 5th ave, enjoying the fall colors and displays.  Unfortunately it was pouring pretty good, so I didn't stop and take the time that i would have liked to because even with my umbrella I was soaked pretty quickly! 

The New York Public Library looked beautiful as usual, but even mores accented by the yellow leaves and their beautiful flowers in front.  

I made a quick stop at Rockefeller Plaza.  The skating rink is open, but was closed on the day I was there because of the rain.  They also have some lovely mum arrangements as well as huge bowls filled with all different sorts of gourds in the fountains.  They always have the prettiest displays for all the different seasons.

After walking about 30 blocks in the pouring rain, I made it to Alice's Tea Cup Chapter II on East 64th Street.  It was just a cute little unassuming building, tucked around the corner off of 5th ave.  Maybe why I never noticed it before.  It is also pretty much across the street from the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM so it is not like i have never been near it before!  haha

I walked in and instantly noticed the array of fresh baked scones sitting in the front display case.  This made me even more excited because I love scones!

I was seated upstairs, overlooking the street.  It was not quite so whimsical as just really cute and cottage like.

The table was even made from the base of an old sewing machine.

A second tea room upstairs filled with butterflies.

The stairway down.  The whole place is filled with painted pictures and sayings from the book.

The menu.  I was expecting it to be a small teahouse menu but actually it was quite large with cocktails, dozens of teas and food such as sandwiches and burgers.  My waiter was a super friendly guy, but I must say i was a little disappointed with the attire of the staff.  just pretty casual street clothes.  I don't think they needed to dress like characters but maybe a little more dressed up or whimsical.

I hadn't planned on ordering a cocktail but I find it hard to resist a good martini!  I got the Tweedledum, a combination of Rosemary and Ginger tea infused simple syrup, Roiboos Kimberley infused Gin, with a splash of Prosecco. Delish!

For my tea I decided to try Alice's Fairie Potion, of Osmanthus flowers, Elderflower and Lavender.  So light and refreshing.

For food, I got a lot more than I needed but I had to try everything!  and I was hungry from my walk in the rain all the way there.  I got "The Nibble" which consisted of a sandwich of my choice, a scone of my choice, the pot of tea and some various cookies.  I chose the the "Chopped Tea Egg Salad Sandwich" and the "White Chocolate Raspberry Scone." Everything was so yummy, I wish I had more chances to go back to try the many amazing looking things on the menu.

They also have a huge selection of loose leaf teas that you can buy at the counter.  Normally I would have gotten some but I have a million and with moving I did not need anything extra to pack!

 With a full belly and slightly drier clothing, I headed back out to take a little walk through Central Park.  The rain was actually coming down even harder than when I went in to Alice's.  Fantastic!  The rain does though make for an empty Central Park and some great photo ops.  I started out up by the zoo and worked down toward Columbus Circle.

I love this one with the horse and carriage in the rain on the cobblestone street.

My favorite place in the park, the pond.  It has the most beautiful colors of anywhere in the park and that bridge!

The ducks were out and absolutely loving the rain and probably some peace and quiet without having so many tourists there.

I think this is my favorite!  The colors!

After once again getting soaked, I decided to walk back to the PATH on Fifth Avenue, and got one last picture of the love statue, because I LOVE NYC!  I will miss you!


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