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Friday, November 27, 2015

Fab Friday Faves 11.27.15

A happy Friday and a very Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the US of A!  Or I guess a Happy Black Friday? I'm not sure that anybody is really very happy on Black Friday if they actually partake in the shopping part.   I managed to get pretty much all of our furniture shopping done this week, thanks in part to some pre-Black Friday sales.  We now have a couch, loveseat, chaise, accent chair and ottoman, bedroom set, mattress set and all the bedding, coffee table and console table, dining room table and chairs and buffet and a massive cantilever umbrella for the pool area.  Oh and I got a floaty chair for the pool haha.  That is really all we have been doing all week!  I also finally have a US credit card, so I'm pretty pumped about has only taken three years!  The weekend was rainy, like monsoon rainy all day Saturday.  We attended a couple events but not for long, it was just too rainy!

Alright, everyone keep enjoying your Thanksgiving weekend.  I hope your time is spent with friends and family and that you have lots to be thankful for this year.  I know we do!

Thanksgiving dinner.  I haven't done the big holiday meal since last Christmas, and I always find it kind of fun.  Especially for Josh and I because I don't have to make a ton of anything and if I mess something up, Josh doesn't mind.  This one turned out pretty great.  I did a ham, green bean casserole, stuffing, potatoes au gratin and a pumpkin pecan pie.  I wasn't really aware that you HAVE to do a turkey for Thanksgiving here I guess, it seems a bit crazy to me to do a turkey, eat leftovers for at least a week then make another in in another three weeks.  Because to me, Christmas has to be turkey!  Regardless, I was super happy to have a nice big holiday meal and so was Josh.

We have a Joe's Crab Shack about 10 minutes from our rental house and since I have wanted to go to one for YEARS, we decided to try it our earlier in the week.  We both got Steam Pots, mine with a white wine butter sauce with crab, mussels and scallops, corn on the cob and potatoes, Josh's with Cajun sauce, crab and shrimp, corn and Hush Puppies.  The service was great and the food was AMAZING!  We also had a very friendly squirrel buddy that came right up to our food, not in love with him trying to steal off our plates but it was pretty funny.  

On Saturday was The Dunedin Celtic Rock and Craft beer festival right across the street in Highlander Park.  Sadly, it started to pour about the time that the event started, but it went on even in the pouring rain and cool temperatures.  I actually sat in our little screened in patio and listened to the music most of the day (like literally, right across the street) until it stopped raining around 3:00 and then we went over and enjoyed some of the awesome celtic rock, beer and food.  It was a great time with a lot of kilts and drunk Scots.  One of the world's biggest Celtic rock bands, The Red Hot Chili Pipers played in the evening as well and put on an amazing show.  If you get a chance to go see these guys you absolutely have to!

Okay okay, I know I have had my wildlife sightings on here the last three weeks but I don't care, here is another.  I saw the Great Blue Heron out fishing in the canal on Wednesday morning and I just thought it was a great photo op.  Such a beautiful, majestic bird.  I saw the Gopher Tortoise yesterday afternoon after having stalked his den for about a week.  I knew he had to be in there but I always go for my walks in the morning when it is still too cool out for sunbathing.  I went yesterday morning and then back in the afternoon and finally caught him!  He ran back in his burrow as soon as he saw me but I am going to be his friend eventually!  Fun Fact- Gopher Tortoises burrows can be up to 10 feet deep and 40 feet long!

 One thing about being away from Manhattan is that I have to order more things online that I used to be able to just go into the city to get.  Like my Nespresso pods.  We were running low so I put in a huge order earlier this week.  My one complaint about Nespresso, especially the Virtuoline, is the lack of seasonal flavors, but they came through this year with the Swiss Chocolate pods.  So chocolaty and delicious!  I am going to be ordering more soon before they are gone for the year.

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  1. That celtic concert sounds fun! I love everything Irish and try to hit up any festivals related to it.Sounds like a great time!

  2. I can't believe you had never been to Joe's Crab Shack, it's one of my favorites. Such fun seafood options when you're not even close to the beach like myself. Looks like y'all had a great weekend! It's my first time finding your blog, excited to follow along!
    Linds @ Not A Mom