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Friday, April 15, 2016

Fab Friday Faves 4.15.16

Happy April 15th, darlings!  I don't have much to report this week, it has been pretty quiet.  Josh and I had a good weekend, well actually it snowed a huge amount on Saturday, I swear I have never seen flakes that big!  So that was a bit of a downer, but Sunday turned out okay at least.  Josh went mountain biking with the guys in the morning and then we went for a drive in the afternoon out to a winery and then to Chesapeake Beach where we had a nice lunch and did some wandering.  The weather has been improving as the week has went on which is a nice change and makes it easier to get out and get some fresh air.  I spent some time with the girls and did some errands as well, nothing crazy.  We have no big plans this weekend, but you never know what can happen!  everyone enjoy your weekends and enjoy my Five!

1. I received Jinx's memorial back from Rainbow Bridge Hearts on Friday.  It is made from glass and some of Jinx's cremated remains and turned out even more beautiful than I could have imagined.  It looks just like his coloring and has some green in it just like his eyes.  They did an amazing job and had the best customer service I think I have ever experienced.

2.  Monday was National Pet Day, so I have to take a chance to recognize my little princess, Smudge. She is an amazing kitty and the best cuddle bug we could ever ask for.  

3. I got my nails done on Monday, and it was about time!  It had been exactly a month.  I wanted some thing different and some spring colors and they turned out so pretty!

4. I donated blood on Monday as well, my first time since New Jersey. I really psyched myself up for some reason, I think because I almost passed out last time I donated and I was nervous.  It was a breeze (well, it is always really hard to find my veins and when they do it goes really slowly), but they best part other than helping other people is the homemade cookies and treats from the Waldorf Lions Club!

5.  Our lunch at Chesapeake Beach on Sunday was at the Rod N' Reel in the Chesapeake Beach Resort and Spa, a really nice hotel right on the water.  I got the Jumbo Gulf Shrimp stuffed with Crab Imperial as well as a bowl of Maryland Crab soup that Josh and I shared and everything was DELICIOUS.  I can't wait to go back and spend more time in the area when the weather is warmer!

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  1. I applaud you for donating blood. I really like that pet memorial. It's a great remembrance piece.