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Friday, April 8, 2016

Fab Friday Faves 4.8.16

Happy Friday my darlings!  I skipped out last week because I didn't have much to say, but mostly because I was lazy and didn't feel like it.  It has been a quiet couple weeks, well not really, I seem to have kept pretty busy, but not with anything crazy.  Mostly appointments and errands and all that kinda stuff.  The weather here has once again been terrible, the warm we had for a couple weeks was such a tease.  It's been crazy windy (like Saskatchewan windy), freezing cold and rainy.  It froze the last few nights so I had to bring my plants in and its supposed to get down to a very hard freeze this weekend.  There were also some bad storms on Thursday at the house in Florida tornadoes all around the area.  Sounds like we made out okay though!  We are all doing well, Smudge's hyperthyroidism is under control, and all her levels are back to near normal, but she got put on an even more strict diet, because she lost a whopping 1oz over the month.  She is thrilled with that!  Alright, everyone enjoy your weekend and my 5!  

1. This past Saturday, Josh and I went out for dinner to a place called The Foxy Fish in Mechanicsville.  The reviews were great and when we got there we had about a 20 minute wait which is usually a good sign.  Turns out the food was amazing!  We both got a seafood platter, mine with crab legs and steamed shrimp and Josh's with a crab cake and Rockfish.  That stuff was delicious (I would say the best of both I have ever had) but the Hush Puppies were the best thing ever!  We aren't sure what is was but wow!  Highly recommend this place if you are in the area!

2. We seem to have been getting a lot of fitness equipment lately, new running shoes, tennis rackets and of course me and my new Fitbit Alta that I love.  We also both got sweet new Mountain Bikes on the weekend.  We do a decent amount of hiking and we thought mixing that up with some mountain biking would be a nice change.  I got the beautiful Trek Skye SL that is my favorite color combo purple and mint.  Josh got a very similar one but in Men's of course.  We went for a ride on Sunday and I really need some endurance, but it was fun!  Hopefully the weather gets decent soon!

3.  I have mentioned before how much I love succulents and making arrangements of them.  Miranda sent me this "Life is better at the beach" planter for my birthday and I got the concrete one at Target so I decided to get some succulents and plant them.  They are so easy to look after and so cute!  I also brought back a bag full of airplanes from the house and am working on making some cute little arrangements with those as well.  more to come but these ones turned out pretty awesome!

4.  Trader Joes is one of my favorite grocery stores and Nicole and I went last week to stock up on some favorites.  This was most of my haul.  The Chèvre here is my favorite anywhere and the smoked salmon is amazing and well priced.  We also randomly went on one of the 3 days a year when they have their "Kringles" available.  They are a Danish like pastry (thats how they describe it) but I think it is very similar to the PoppySeed Rolls from the Co-Op bakery in Canora, SK except instead of poppyseed it was a pecan filling.  Regardless, amazing, and now I have to find out when the other days are!  I also love the precooked lentils that they have.  They are great for me for lunch with some roasted veggies.  Everything here is great, try it all!

 5.  On Wednesday, Nicole and I went over to Imelda's for homemade Mexican lunch.  I first met Imelda and had her amazing cooking in Alaska.  Everything is from scratch and unbelievably delicious and Imelda is just the sweetest!

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  1. this is awesome tanya and look so yummy! So glad i came across your blog through the link up! happy friday and hope you'll stop by mine :)

  2. I'm so intrigued by the Fitbit Alta. It looks so sleek and cool, and I also seriously need to get more exercise in my life! Your bike is really pretty too--I love purple! :) Have a great weekend!

  3. That seafood platter looks delish!

  4. Just clicking over from H54F, and I'm happy to meet another Tanya! I love the Fitbit looks so modern. I have the older one which looks much more bulky. I also love Trader Joe's. I have noticed that they have that Kringle in our freezer section sometimes.