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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Fab Friday Faves 6.24.16

Happy Friday, Darlings!  I skipped my FFF last week because I was just too busy getting us ready to go out on the Shenandoah River to camp with the Marstons and Dutkiewiczs.   I'm not even going to talk about the previous week because I honestly don't remember anything about last week haha.  We had the CRAZIEST storm this week.  Anyone that knows me knows I am sometimes a little too brave when it comes to getting into the middle of bad weather to take pictures but this one even had me a bit concerned.  It was bad and there was some hail and very high winds and crazy rain, then all of a sudden it just went black all around.  BUT, we survived!  Other than that it really has been uneventful.  Our sprinkler system at the house seems to have malfunctioned, so I'm stressing about that, but I think we have gotten it taken care of until we can get home again.  The time is flying and we are trying to figure out what to do for July 4th weekend.  There is so much going on in this area that it should 't be too hard to find something awesome.  I leave to go to SK on July 10th and I know that will be here before I know it!  I finally, after almost a year, got notification that my application for my ten year Greencard has been approved, now I just have to wait for the actual card.  I'm hoping it comes in the next couple weeks since I HAVE to have it to get back into the country on August 5th, but I'm really trying not to stress about that!

Alright I better get moving, I have the truck today to go and do some errands.  Everyone have a great weekend!

1. Last weekend, as I mentioned, we went camping out on the Shenandoah River (start singing  John Denver now).  Our campsite was gorgeous right on the river and we spent our time playing with the kids, kayaking and floating down the river, and of course eating and drinking.  Sunday, on our way home, Josh and I stopped at Luray Caverns which were breathtaking, and then also stopped for lunch at Uncle Bucks and at a brewery and distillery nearby.  The weather was absolutely perfect for camping and the area was beautiful.  My blog about the whole weekend will be up in a few days!

2. The previous weekend was a scorcher, but I went just a few miles away to Bryantown to the lovely Boondoggie Farm to the Vintage Flea and Farm Market.  I was so excited to find something like this around here, especially on a cute little secluded farm.  They had flea market type stuff as well as many locally made handiworks and food.  Having horses, chicken, goats, cats and dogs didn't hurt my feelings either.

3. Even though I didn't order it and had cancelled my membership, I got my summer BeautyCon box in the mail.  After a couple weeks of emailing with no response, they finally agreed to refund my money and let me keep the box.  Having it sit on the counter not opening it for a couple weeks nearly killed me!  This is such a great box, just a little more than I want to pay.  I was not disappointed with this one either.  Check out the awesome things i got in it. 

4.  I finally got around to filling the terrarium ball that I got of Zulily a few months ago.  I got some succulents at Safeway (strangely, they seem to have the best selection in the area), and some vase filler on clearance at Target and got to work.  My hands are filled with cactus thorns but it turned out great!

5. I love seltzer water and initially found Dry Sparkling at Target about a year ago.  It was only there the one time and until a few weeks ago I never saw it again other than on Amazon for like $30 for 4 bottles.  Then a few weeks ago, the target here suddenly had it again and more flavors.  It is still $6.99 for four bottles so I really won't buy it, BUT, this week it is on for 25% off on Cartwheel, so I had to get a couple cases.  The rhubarb is my favorite but the Fuji apple is pretty awesome too!

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  1. Your terrarium is so pretty! Thanks for sharing all about your busy week!

  2. Love the terrarium!!! It turned out so great! And hooray for river time! That area of Virginia is so pretty. So glad you had fun!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea