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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Fab Friday Faves 11.4.16

Hello everyone and Happy November!  I don't have much to report today, it has been a very quiet week! On Saturday, Nicole and I went to a craft Market as well as the largest LuLaRoe sale ever.  Literally thousands of items in a couple's home that strictly sell the product as their only source of income.  It was pretty crazy.  We also go to see Lilly and Ava's last soccer games of the season.  Sunday after Josh was done work, we went into National Harbor for dinner and a walk which was nice.  Halloween was quiet too.  We didn't get any Trick or Treaters sadly, even though I was over prepared.  Needless to say we have some eating to do!  Yesterday I went to a Neurologist for my migraines.  We are starting a new plan that will lead to Botox (finally!) in about 6 weeks.  He started me on a pretty heavy duty plan of steroids, Betablockers and some other things that might help me.  My migraines have been awful the last couple months so here is hoping something or a combination of things will help.  Not going to lie, I am really excited to try the Botox as the clinical results are pretty amazing.  Alright, everyone have a great weekend and enjoy my 5!

1. Smudge the Bumblebee.  Isn't she the cutest ever?  I am pretty sure she actually liked the costume and hung out in it most of the day and never made a fuss.  

2. Sunday evening in National Harbor.  Bison Short Ribs with Horseradish Mashed Potatoes at Granite City Brewing, a lovely sunset and view of the Capital Wheel and a huge thunderstorm that rolled in as we were wandering around.  We haven't actually been here since it was very cold out still and we live like 30 minutes away.

3. Josh's, Smudge's and my Jack 'O Lanterns all lit up on Halloween.

4. My DVR filled with Horror movies for Halloween.  I do this every year because I love classic and new horror movies.  The cheesier the better!

5. If anyone caught the CMA's on Wednesday you will have heard some awesome performances, but my favorite was Garth and Trisha doing a few of my favorite country classics.  Take a listen, it was so good!

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  1. OMG your cat, so cute! And your dinner at the Harbor looks amazing. We live about 30 minutes away from it too and I really want to go at Christmas time this year to see the tree and the Gaylord decorated.

  2. Omg your cat, though. Too cute! My cat would maul me in my sleep.

  3. Your cat is adorable as a bee! I love the CMA awards, so much fun and history of country music. Jess at Just Jess