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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Miranda Day One- Crypt Creepers

Look at us pretty girls!  I showed up at the airport with My Aviators, a black car, a big sign and Champagne.  Pretty awesome. 

Check out my Loot!  This is all courtesy of my mommy and Miranda.  Magazines, Jerk, Chip-its, Buffalo Wing Pretzels, Poutine Mix etc.  Awesome.  Hopefully enough to get me through!  haha

So our first day was pretty chill, we got up, went for a walk on the Malecon along the cliffs, to Parque Kennedy, For a delish lunch, matching pedicures and just caught up.  We Spent a large chunk of the afternoon at my massage place. Miranda got a massage and I happened to have a migraine and I started to talk to the American Chiropractor, and we decided to do some x-rays.  OMG my hips are horribly messed up and more than likely causing my migraines.  It was pretty insane.  We headed home and had some food then we were off on our Nighttime, scary Masoleum tour!  normally there are over 100 people a night touring the acres of crypts and graves.  There were 3 of us and a couple random guards for some reason last night!  It was scary, but at the same time, sad and amazing.  There are special sections (most are marble walls with 5-8 graves stacked on top of each other and some are 100 people long, so some rows had over 500 people in them) for children, Chinese, Japanese, Overweight people, people that committed suicide and just regular people.  The actual tombs for families were amazing and gorgeous with huge marble monuments and statues.  The following are some of our photos.

This is inside a family tomb, Shaman came and did an animal sacrifice and there is blood on the walls.

This is how the graves are stacked for as far as the eye can see.

This is the grave of a Peruvian Saint.  People still come and bring her gifts and pray to her.

The tomb of a famous, decorated war General.

It really was amazing, and I would love to go back in the daytime!
When we got home we were famished so we went out to Rustica for some appys and a drink.  Delish again!  We had a fantastic day, and stay tuned for more adventures.

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