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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Part 2 of a Hoboken Walking Tour

Sorry about the delay on Part 2... I had planned on doing it sooner but we were in Maine from Thursday until Monday night, and honestly I feel like I have been recovering from the weekend and totally not in the mood for blogging! Anyway, here it is, the second half of our tour through Hoboken!

16. All Saints Episcopal Church was built in 1856 and has gorgeous vaulted ceilings and stained glass.  It is still used as an active congregation and school.

17. Court Street was originally used as access to residents stables.  It was a location in the movie "On the Waterfront" in 1955 when Hoboken was home to many dockhands and sailors.  The cobblestone paving stones were ships ballasts in the 1800s.  Today there are picturesque homes and businesses along the entire street.

18. Steven's Park was named in 1955 in honor of the Steven's family who donated the land.  The Civil War statue was dedicated in 1888.  The adjacent canons are from the USS Portsmith, a Civil War vessel that was decommissioned at the 5th Street Pier in 1901.

19.  The Alfred Steiglitz Home is a 19th century apartment were noted photographer Alfred Steiglitz resided.  Steiglitz was the main advocate of photography as a fine art.  His gallery in New York was one of the first galleries in the country to exhibit photography along side pieces by Picasso and Cezanne.

20. The Original Steven's Administration building was the first on the college campus and housed classrooms, offices and a lecture hall.  Today, it is the home to the Hoboken Theater Company.

21.  Steven's Gate House is the oldest structure on the Steven's estate and is made of the same rock that Henry Hudson wrote about in his log of the area.  It was the grand entrance that all guests had to go through to get into the castle. 

22.  Castle Point Terrace is the highest elevation in Hoboken offering gorgeous views of Verranzo Narrows, the GW Bridge and Manhattan.  The castle was built in 1854 and was made part of the College in 1959.  Nicole and I took some great photos up here!

23.  Steven's Institute of Technology is America's first college of Mechanical Engineering, founded in 1870 with a land grant given by the Steven's family.  It has 1800 undergrads, 2700 graduate students and 2250 online students from 21 states and 23 countries.  Some notable alumni include the co-inventor of bubble wrap, the designer of the quonset and Alexander Calder, an American artist.  

24.  Elysian Park was created in 1893 and was featured in the movie "On the Waterfront". Just east of the park was the first home of The New York Yacht Club.  The park was named for Elysian Fields where some of the first games of baseball were played.  The statue pays tribute to those who fought and died in WWI.

25. Elks Lodge #74 was founded in Hoboken in 1888.  It is the oldest lodge in New Jersey and is the mother lodge.  It is still actively used.

26. Dorthea Lange House was the childhood home of socially concerned photographer, Dorthea Lange whose photos are some of the most memorable images documenting the plight of farmers and their families during the Great Depression.

27. The Columbia Club was built as a gentlemen's society composed of 100 men from Hoboken and NYC.  It is mostly used now for events in the community.

28. The Yellow Flats were once home to one of the wealthiest women of her day, Hetty Green, the Witch of Wall Street as well as composer Tom Wiggins.

29. Engine Company No. 2 is one of Hoboken's first firehouses and was destroyed in the 80's and restored to it's original splendor.

30. The Lipton Tea Building was once the epicenter of Sir Thomas Lipton's vast tea empire.  Ships delivering cargoes of tea anchored along the building in the north Hoboken Harbor to unload directly onto the dock.  It is now loft apartments and is known as the Hudson Tea Building.

31. The Machine Shop is the oldest building on the Hoboken waterfront.  During WWII Bethlehem Steel employees worked on around 4000 ships. It is now used as the Hoboken Historical Museum and was the last stop on our walking tour!  The images below are from inside the museum.

That is it for the walking tour!  Check back tomorrow for the Fab Friday Faves and enjoy the  gorgeous photo of the Empire State Building, below.  Love this view!

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