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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tubing Day on the Delaware

We are back from our awesome weekend in the Poconos, but I am going to make you wait for that blog because I am so far behind!  So, we will start with last weekend and the trip we took with the Marstons to Frenchtown, NJ for some river tubing on the Delaware River.  We initially wanted to go out on Saturday, but the forecast was not looking very good and turns out, they were closed for the day due to rain.  We didn't have the greatest of expectations for Sunday either, but the weatherman said probably not rain so we were willing to take the chance.  As we got closer, it was not looking too good but at least the place was open when we got there!

We got already, and boarded the big blue bus to take us down the starting point on the river, and it was still cold and cloudy!  I really was hoping for some suntanning time.  I even wore my Suns Out Guns Out shirt as a good omen.

We got stuck in a line behind a few families that seemed to have a hard time figuring out how to work their tubes (by work, I mean sit in them), but, eventually we got in.  Still no sun, but it was so nice to be out on the water!

After about an hour, we arrived at our lunch stop, The River Hot Dog Man, we got hot dogs, chips and a drink.  We were hoping for beer but apparently drinking and tubing is against the rules.  The  hot dogs were pretty great and really hit the spot!  There were also some geese that knew some kids would drop their food.  Smart birds.

We headed out for the second half of our journey, still no sun unfortunately.  It seemed to be a bit colder, but still made for a lovely trip.

We hit some pretty wild rapids on the way.  Okay, not too crazy, but in a tube they were pretty fun.

By the time we finished and got cleaned up we were getting pretty hungry.  We headed into nearby Frenchtown to explore the cute little country town.  Adorable!  Makes you realize that not all of New Jersey is the crime capital of the east.  While Nicole and I explored the shops, the boys stopped in at the Frenchtown Inn for a beer.  

We walked overt the bridge that takes you to Pennsylvania.  Just beautiful!

On our way out we stopped at the cutest little used book store.  We could have spent hours in there.

We ended our day with a meal at Cracker Barrel.  Josh and I had never been, but the Marston's love it and we were excited for some southern cooking.  If  you ever go, try the grilled catfish. So good!  We finished our drive through the nice colonial houses and corn fields.  Made me miss home!

I hope you all had a terrific weekend and make sure to enjoy what is somehow getting down to the last weeks of summer.  I will be back a couple more times this week I hope with our Pocono adventure! XO

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