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Friday, December 26, 2014

Fab Friday Faves 12.26.14

Welcome to the last Friday Faves of 2014!  I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas filled with family, friends and lots of food!  I haven't included any gifts that I got or anything in this post, I will have one next week, but man was I ever spoiled.  Everyone enjoy my five and have a great day and a great Boxing Day to my friends and family at home.  I'm jealous!

1.  This picture was about 10 minutes after we woke up this morning.  Just enough time to dress up Smudge and Jinx.  they are such good sports haha.  This was followed by a lot of present opening.

2. I got this present not as a Christmas gift, but as a wedding present from my Grandma Doreen and Uncle Glen (not my real grandma and uncle).  Yes it is two years late, but it was totally worth the wait for a homemade cozy warm afghan!  Just in love with it and so are the cats!

3. I had been pining over this Starbucks advent calendar for a couple months, but had been too cheap to spend the $30 to buy it.  So I waited until I saw it on the 22nd in the city for $10 and then I got it!  I'm still working on getting up to the 25th but its fun and there are some delicious chocolates and a $5 gift card.

4. My Christmas Jamberrys. So cute!

5. The Empire State Building on Christmas night.  We ventured into the city for something to do and had to get a picture of this.  Beautiful!

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