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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Parents in NYC part 2

My parents trip to NYC was going so quickly that it was hard to decide what things to do and what we just wouldn't be able to.  I knew mom wanted to go to Chinatown to check out some merchandise (I'll just leave it at that).  Another thing that I knew they really wanted to do is check out Wall Street.  So, what better day than Sunday, when no one else was down there to go check it out.  It was so nice and quiet, not like the rest of the city that I am sure had doubled in population for the Thanksgiving weekend.

We stopped at Trinity Church with is just breathtaking.  The cemetery outside with the trees, the old buildings in the background  and the stained glass inside make it so eerily beautiful.

The Trinity Root, beside the church is a bronze statue of the root of a Sycamore tree that was knocked over by debris on 9/11.  Just another heartbreaking reminder of the magnitude of that day.

Jimmy made friends with the pigeon man in front of the church and got to hold some very tame pigeons while the rest of us just watched.  

Of course, when on wall street, is an unwritten rule, you have to have your photo with the Charging Bull.  You pretty much have to be a charging bull yourself to jump in before everyone else to get a half decent picture.

We saw some more very New York scenes on our walk down to Fraunce's Tavern for lunch.  Christmas is everywhere here, and it is definitely the best time of year to visit.

Fraunce's Tavern is New York's oldest surviving building and General George Washington had his headquarters here.  It was a predominant building in the American Revolution and has been an important part of American history.  Since 1917 it has been a tavern as well as a museum.  It is an great place to sit and have a nice quiet lunch.  

On our way home we thought we would get off the Subway beside the Flatiron Building.  Jim had mentioned he would like to see it, and it is my favorite building in the city.  We snapped a few pictures then got back on the PATH and headed home.

It was an early night, because Monday was set to be anther long day.  My parents and I were back on the Subway bright and early, to get down to battery Park to catch the Ferry to the Statue of Liberty.  I must say this is one of my favorite things to in all of New York.  Mostly the boat rides because the view is indescribable.  Jim and I hiked up the seven floors to the pedestal, and mom beat us up there in the elevator.  It was such a nice day and such a great view.

It was getting late and we needed to head back because we had Jimmy's birthday present to go to that night, the Jets vs. Dolphins football game!  It rained for the first quarter of the game, which made it seem pretty cold, but we had a good time none the less.  I love going to sporting events and I know Jim really enjoyed his first NFL game.  Random, but Johnny Rzeznik from the Goo Goo Dolls sang the Anthem.  The Dolphins need up winning but it was a better game than we expected.


It was a late night, so we slept in a bit and just kinda hung out for the day.  It was a nice way to wind down the visit and just enjoy each other.  We decided to go out with a bang and go to one of my favorite places for dinner, Fire and Oak.  The steak there is some of the best I have ever had and I know my parents loved it too.  On our way back we stopped to enjoy the Newport Christmas Tree Lighting.  I was shocked at how impressive it was!  There were train rides, a snow machine, Santa was there and the lights were sego to Christmas songs.  It was so much fun and we have an incredible view from our apartment until Christmas!

We had such a good time with my parents, and I hope they did too.  It was pretty crazy but we saw and did a lot and got a lot of visiting in.  I can't wait to see them again, and maybe get some more visitors!  Hint hint everyone out there!

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