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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

An Anniversary In The Hamptons

Josh and I had our 2nd wedding anniversary on Friday, and we decided that instead of gifts, we would go away somewhere.  I left this up to Josh as he had not yet been able to surprise me in all the times he tried because he cannot keep a secret!  So, on Friday he told me to pack a bag, we were going away. He asked if I wanted to know and I said no, even though I had my suspicions.  Saturday morning we left bright and early, and I quickly realized that my suspicions were wrong.  We were headed to the Hamptons!  I really wanted to go last summer, but we were so busy that we never had a chance so I was super excited! I also thought it would be great to get a feel for the place when it wasn't wall to wall people.  

It took us a couple hours to get there, and we stopped right at our Bed and Breakfast, The Mill House Inn.  This was probably the most incredible B&B I have seen.  So cute and fancy, and it was nice to have impeccable service for the first time in a long time.  

They had a homemade cookie and snack bar with cheese plates, hummus and home made juices that we could raid any time we wanted. mmmmm

The bathtub in our room.

 Notes the Inn left for us in our room.

Once we had unpacked and enjoyed our room for a few minutes, we headed out to lunch to a place called Rowdy Hall, a popular East Hampton lunch spot.  Josh got a burger and I got a falafel and greek salad plate.  So good!

On our way back to the Inn, we walked by some real estate office windows, this is an example of the properties.... a girl can dream right? Only a cool 13 mil.

After a great lunch, we decided to head out to nearby Wolffer Estate Vineyard to try out some new wine.  The Vineyard was massive, and we stopped at their cute roadside stand to sample some of their product.  Between us we tried about 10 fantastic wines.  We bought a couple bottles and and were on our way to see more of the Hamptons.

We stopped at a beach just to check out the view.  So beautiful!  Even though it was too cold to sit and enjoy the beach and suntan it was so nice to walk along the empty shore and listen to the waves crash.

On our way back to get ready for dinner, we thought we would drive down some random roads to check out the crazy Hamptons homes.  Most of the ones that are really crazy and spectacular have walls or trees too high to really see, but these ones are pretty crazy too.

There were white tail deer everywhere!

Back in town I had to get a picture of this castle church.

 In front of our inn was this cool windmill.  I had to get a picture with it.

After sitting and realizing back in our room again we went to one of the best restaurants in the Hamptons, The 1770 House.  Josh was able to squeeze us in for an early reservation.  Not even kidding, some of the best food we have ever had.  WOW.

Slow braised spare rib on butter nut squash.

My lobster over risotto.

Ricotta cheesecake with blueberry compote.

We walked back to the hotel to wear some of our food off and I thought I needed a nice bath to relax. I found a Hampton's Homes and Hampton's Pets magazines.  So posh!  We were both asleep early on our nice big king size bed.

Breakfast in the morning was downstairs at the Inn.  Once again, one of the best meals ever!  We both Had a fresh fruit tray followed by a lobster fritatta and side of bacon.  They also make any coffee drink you could ever think of so I had a latte.

 We checked out and started driving east toward Montauk.  Montauk is the town where one of my favorite shows ever, The Affair, is filmed.  If you have not watched this show, you need to!  Anyway, We stopped at a look out of what is called the Oyster Pond, an inlet off the ocean filled with my favorite treat.

We got to Mantauk Point State Park and I was excited to check out the very famous lighthouse.  It is a state park, so it was closed for the season but we still got a great view of it.

After some pics at the lighthouse, we walked down to the beach in front of the lighthouse for the amazing views.  Again it was nice and quiet with just a couple other people there so we took advantage and just enjoyed the crashing waves and gorgeous views.

That was our last planned stop, but we stopped back at another Hamptons beach to collect some shells and walk down the shore enjoying each other's company.

We also stopped to get some oysters and scallops at a roadside seafood stand.  Nothing better than fresh seafood!

About halfway back, we came to the town of Amityville.  For any horror movie fans, you will know why I wanted to stop there so bad at 112 Ocean Ave.  I knew the house as soon as I saw it and was so excited!  It looks exactly like in the movies!  We snapped some photos and took off before the owners could see us haha.

We had a fantastic weekend and can't wait to go back when it's warmer to check it out then.  Thanks to Josh for planning everything, you're the best!  <3


  1. Ugh... I just posted a comment and it deleted it!!
    I love the picture of you guys at the end on the bench, so nice!!!
    I really want to go to the Hamptons now and stay at a B&B, we never have.. I suppose we never really go to places like the Hamptons but now I really want to! Plus I know all the good places to go now ;) thank you!! Glad you had a great weekend!!

  2. He did really well! What a great anniversary getaway. The Hamptons look amazing! Giveaway at my blog today!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

    1. Thanks Ashley! It was great! Checking out your giveaway right now!

  3. Love your sweater! Brilliant photos!