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Monday, March 9, 2015

Another Year Older!

As many of you know, Thursday was my 32nd birthday.  I had the whole day planned out, but the Birthday blizzard of 2015 had other ideas for me.  

Nicole and I started out the day bright and early, heading into Manhattan back to ABC Studios at 6:30am.  Our first thing on the list of the day was to go to a taping of "The Chew" one of my favorite afternoon shows   It was already snowing like nobodies business and by the tame we got there out hair and makeup left something to be desired.  The taping pretty much went like the other ones that we have been too, lots of waiting around, lot so of rules etc.  The cast was pretty interactive with the crowd which was nice to have again.  You can either make people be bigger fans or get people to go the other way and these guys won me over even more than they already had.  

The crew hard at work.

I managed to sneak a couple pictures while the cast was out too.

We also got a copy of Tinkerbell and the Legend of the Neverbeast as our swag!

Our TV debut on the Chew.  We ended up being on like half of the show.

Some clips of us too



So, our plan for the day was supposed to be lunch, a bit of shopping then back to Jersey City for my free birthday massage at Massage Envy.  While we were in the taping of the Chew, I got a call that because of the impending snowpocalypse and New Jersey being declared a state of emergency they were going to be closed for the day.  When we walked out of the taping, there was another line for "The View" which also films in same studio.  Because of the weather (and I think just poor ratings as of late) they were needing people to fill the seats and since I no longer had a massage, we thought what the hell!

I managed to snap this one picture before I got in trouble from the security guard.   Security was really on the ball here so I did put my phone away.  There were some great guests on this one, Hulk, the 175lb Pitbull and his little boy who plays the harmonica, Felicity Huffman and Timothy Hutton as well as Robby Benson and his son.  The co-hosts were Raven Symone, Cristella and Stacey London (who had also just been a guest on the Chew).  It actually was pretty good too but the cohosts again, like Rachael were not very interactive, although they did answer a couple audience questions in the break.

A quick video of us on The View

By the time that taping was done, it was lunch time and we were starving.  It was also pretty full throttle snow storm when we walked out.  Here are some pics we snapped of Central Park and Columbus Circle.

We made it about half way back to the Path stop and found the Stardust Diner.  I had heard of it before, but never been.  It is home to many future Broadway stars (they lost 16 employees to Broadway shows in the last year alone) and they take turn singing and dancing between serving the food.  The food was actually great and we enjoyed the entertainment, but it is a HUGE tourist trap.

When we came out, there was not much change in weather and we were pretty much at Times Square so I snapped a couple more pictures.

Olaf came out to enjoy the snow!

covered in ice.

Herald Square, where we finally made it to the Path station.

So I got home, and didn't have much for plans until that evening when Josh got home from work so I decided to open all my presents except for the ones from him.  I was totally spoiled, as usual.

My cards.

The necklace my parents brought me from Mexico.  Love it!

Purse from my parents from Mexico as well.  I had asked Josh for one almost exactly like this so I obviously loved it and was hoping he didn't get it for me too!

 Food dehydrator I have been wanting for years from Stephanie and Steve.  I tried it out yesterday as well.  Makes awesome jerky but I can't wait to try more things!

Journal, pen and keychain from Josh's grammy Hotham and Flowers from Luke and Vanessa.

My great stuff from Nicole!

Cupcake sign from Michelle.  I also got a cheque from Grandma and Grandpa Christensen but I'm not posting that!  haha

I spent the afternoon just hanging out and chatting with some friends and family.  Because of the storm, Josh actually was able to leave work an hour early so he made reservations at one of my favorite places, Fire and Oak, just a couple blocks away.

When he got home I FINALLY got to open my gift.  I totally wasn't expecting it, but he got me the Nespresso Vertuo Coffee maker with Aeroccini milk frother that i have wanted since before Christmas.  I was so excited!  I am not letting myself use it though, until I finish up my K-cups! Its painful but I'm not going to just ditch my trusty ol' Keurig!

After gifts, it was time to go to dinner. We ordered a cocktail and decided to get a a dinner for 2 that was a special.  A 42oz Tomahawk steak with a side of asparagus and Lobster mashed potatoes.  It was just to die for.  I swear this place has some of the best steak I have ever had in my life.  

 When we got home, my cake was waiting.  The best ever in life Carrot cake from Carlo's Bakeshop (Cake Boss) in Hoboken.  I had been pining over this cake for months and was so happy to finally get to try it.  Not kidding, THE BEST.  And yes I am wearing my old flannel nightgown with sheep on it in this picture.

 I really did have an amazing day, and am lucky to have so many great family and friends that made the day special even from afar.  Thanks especially to Josh and Nicole for keeping me occupied so I didn't have to think about being another year older!  Love you guys!

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