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Monday, March 16, 2015

Irish Whiskey for a Good Cause

Back at the start of March, Josh and I attended the "Liberty Humane Society's Cask and Carry" Event at one of our favorite bars in Hoboken, Maxwell's Tavern.  As you all know I am always up for donating and helping animal shelters, and when donating involves whiskey it's a bonus and I know for sure that Josh is on board!  Maxwell's is about a 2.5 mile walk from our place and it happened to be snowing like crazy out but we toughed it out and walk through the over ankle deep snow with ice underneath and made it without any major disasters.  

A little info about Liberty humane Society:

They are a small shelter in Jersey city, serving Jersey City, Hoboken and Bayonne.  They rescue animals from many situations and  take in pets that can no longer be cared for.  They need as much support as they can get as they are actually Hudson County's only non profit shelter.  If you with to donate click here or to volunteer here.  If you are in the area, be sure to check out the many amazing pets that they have available for adoption right now.  They also have fun events every now and then so follow them on Facebook to stay in touch too.

 We arrived a couple minutes late because of our slow walk, but we were still pretty much the first ones there so we got a table to ourselves at the front and were immediately offered an Old Fashioned, Josh's favorite drink.  This solidified that the walk over was worth it!

It took few more minutes before people started to really fill the place up, so I decided to talk to the girls at the merchandise table.  I had been planning for a while to start up volunteering so I signed up and also got a sweet shirt.

Starting to fill up!

Finally things got started.  Our guest speaker was Jamie, from Ireland that is a rep for Jamieson Whiskey.  He was a great guy and very knowledgable about all things Irish whiskey!

We had 4 actual samples.  Ranging from reasonably priced to expensive.

Redbreast was the most expensive.  For the regular one it is about $90 a bottle but is so easy to drink!  Not that biting flavor most whiskeys have.

They also had a delicious tapas menu set out for us including friend risotto balls, gyoza, hangar steak on french bread and a few other scrumptious bites.

At the start of the night we bought 50/50 tickets.... we didn't win.

Our last samples was the most delicious Irish Coffee.  I could have had about 10 of these.

We had a great night and met some new people and felt good about supporting such a good cause.  The snow had almost stopped for the walk home... This picture really makes one feel blessed about life and how lucky we are to be able to live where we live for a short time.

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