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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

International Pillow Fight Day

Last Saturday I braved the ridiculously high winds to go into Manhattan for International Pillow Fight Day NYC.  I had seen some pictures from previous years online and it looked like a good time and I'm always looking for a reason to go into Manhattan!  This was the 9th annual Pillow Fight Day and involves hundreds of cities around the world and hundreds of thousands of people.  It actually started out as a "Flash Mob" and grew to be a pretty epic annual event.  

There are a few rules.  NO hitting people with glasses or cameras (although I did get smoke pretty good a few times) and no pillows with feathers (They hurt when you get hit hard and make a mess!) but this rule was also not followed for the most part.  People definitely got into the event, and it was a lot of fun.  I love events where people from totally different lives come together and can laugh and have a great time and this was totally one of them.  There were little kids out with their families, elderly people, people from every race and religion and everyone was having a blast.  The event is also for a good cause, all of the pillows that survive are donated to homeless shelters and used there or given out to homeless people that need them.  So a great was to relieve some stress and support a good cause!  Can't beat that!

Enjoy my photos!

I took the PATH to the 23rd street stop and thought I would walk down and enjoy the day.  Had to snap some pictures of my favorite building, The Flatiron Building on a sunny spring day.

This guy was also on his way to The Village.... His jacket says "F*ck you" If you can't tell.  He also had some pretty awesome Dali-esque facial hair.

Empire State of mind!

Some ladies on their way to the fight.  This was 4 blocks away from the event and they were the first I had seen with pillows.  I was worried no one would show!

And the Freedom Tower from Washington Square Park.

There were a lot of people giving out free hugs!

Pretty chill dog. lol

And so it begins!  There wasn't much warning and the pillows were flying!

All kinds in NYC I tell ya.

More Free Hugs.

The guy in the orange was a friggin' wild man, as you can see he needed a nap just a few minutes in.

Thanks to New York City Feelings for the pic from above.

I got smoked pretty good on this girls back swing.

And the feathers start flying!

And the rest of the kinds of pillow filling.

This ladies face says it all.

I love the rogue red pillow flying through the air in the right of this pic.

The birds fleeing as the feathers were flying, probably weird for them.

Poor Rasta-banana.

Oh and the guy in the orange back for more!

This really is a pretty cool event, if you have the chance to check it out in one of the many cities worldwide.  I had fun taking pictures, but I suggest grabbing a pillow and joining in!


  1. What a fun and unique event to experience! Thanks for taking and sharing all these great photos (at risk of getting smoked by pillows to get in on the action!) The orange guy, lolz :)

  2. This looks so fun. That dog is pretty cool.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle