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Friday, July 8, 2016

Fab Friday Faves 7.8.16

Happy Friday, everyone!  It feels like I haven't done a Friday Faves in ages, because this week has been so long.  This will be my last Friday Blog from Maryland for a few weeks, because on Sunday, I will be heading back to Saskatchewan for just about a month.  I've been busy getting ready for the trip, cleaning, packing and stocking up on groceries for Josh.  We had a pretty awesome 4th of July weekend and honestly I'm kind of recovering fro that too!  So everyone have a great week, and you SHOULD be hearing from me next week from the Great White North.  

1. IN the nick of time I finally got my Greencard this week.  I really kinda needed it to go to Canada so I was getting a little stressed.  It took over 10 months to get it apparently because the Maine Immigration office is backed up like crazy.  It's been a stressful almost year since it really should have taken like a month!  But it's here and I don't have to worry about it for ten years.

2. Last Friday I won the St. Charles Suite at Blue Crabs Stadium for the July 4th game, through an Instagram contest that I entered.  So, on rainy Monday, we gathered some of our friends and watched some baseball and the fireworks.  It was a great time and it was really awesome to have a suite and not have to wait in line for drinks and the bathroom!

3. We picked up this Wine Ice cream a couple weeks ago at Romano Vineyard and it is so delicious!  I mean, how could wine ice cream not be delicious?  I need to go get some more ASAP.

4. I have been finding baby bunnies all over the park behind our apartment.  I have seen at least 6 different ones and I am obsessed.  They are so darn cute and I don't really know if it is possible but I think that some of them have a groundhog as a surrogate mom.  Don't ask.

5. I got my hair cut on Wednesday and it is back to my cute little summer bob that I love.  Finally!

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  1. Wine ice cream sure does sound delicious! Safe travels!!

  2. My husband went through the green card process too (he's from Ottawa) and man o man was it stressful!! So glad it has arrived!

  3. Wine ice cream sounds about right for me :) Can't wait to try it! Congrats about your residency card! xoxoxo missing you guys. Cheers!