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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Our July 4th Weekend


We had a pretty busy Fourth of July weekend, which I wanted because it was my first one here in about five years because I always go back to Canada at the start of July.  I just thought I would give everyone a little synopsis of our activities!

On Friday we planned for a Bbq cookout at our apartment complex. Just as the cooking finished it started to poor so we went into the community room in our building which actually turned out great.  Sadly I was having too much fun to take pictures.  The only pictures I got were of my American and Canadian strawberry cheesecake bites and of Nicole late in the evening eating salad with tongs.  Sorry Nicole, I picked the best one! 

Josh had to work on Saturday, and we decided to stay in for a rest day, but I did go for a walk and find these adorable baby bunnies!  I have been going back everyday to see them too.

Sunday was the BBQ cookout day at Dave and Lindsey's.  We had our normal group of people and these three adorable little patriots.

Dave and Lindsey made us some Jello shots, which I love and haven't had in years.  This is a shot of the girls enjoying them.

We also roasted some marshmallows in the driveway for S'mores.  These were also Carla's first ever S'more roast.  There isn't much room for driveway fires in Peru!

Monday was the big day.  It was also pouring rain for most of it.  We went out to Running Hare Vineyard for some live music.  We got a wine tasting and beer tasting with out admission fee.

Calvert Brewing has a tasting room set up in the summer at the Winery.  Pretty cool.

Running Hare also has beautiful grounds, again, too bad it was raining.

I took these pictures of this beautiful butterfly as well.  If you see it on Josh's Instagram, he stole it because I took it them with his camera!  

The band Run Catch Rain played a couple hours of awesome 90s tunes.


When we finished up there we headed back to Blue Crabs Stadium and met up with some of the crew for dinner.  They had festivities set up in the parking lot including some awesome food trucks. With awesome  Brisket and mac and cheese.

I never mentioned it, but last week, our apartment community, St. Charles, had an instagram and Facebook contest to win their suite at the Blue Crabs game for the July 4th game and guess who won!   It was pretty awesome, we packed the suite and had a couple servers come get us anything we wanted.  Sadly, the game was delayed almost an hour and a half but we still made use of the suite and got to see their awesome fireworks display.

Fierst pitch.

The squad: Nicole, Rob, Jason, Jeff, John, Denis, Me, Josh, Cassandra, Carla, Blanca, Lindsey and Colton, Dave and Ava and Lily.

The fireworks.  By the time they rolled around, my camera had long died and I killed Josh's taking pictures so we never made it to the finale with pictures.

 Pinch and the cheerleaders watching the game.  We had a great weekend and an awesome time celebrating the good ol' USA!

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