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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Fab Friday Faves 9.9.16

Happy Friday!  labor Day weekend has come and gone and September is flying by.  We spent the weekend camping about an hour away at Westmoreland State Park which was great.  It wasn't boiling hot so that was a treat even though it is now.  Can we get some slightly cooler temps please.  It was 100F yesterday and is looking that way for at least a couple more days.  I am jealous of people that can wear a long sleeve shirt and not get heat stroke.  My week was quiet... mostly just catching up on errands.  Anyway, everyone have an awesome weekend, and see you next week!

1. Our camping trip overnight in Westmoreland State Park.  We died some mountain biking (I am not in very good shape for that apparently), some hiking, some campfire-ing and, some searching for fossils and eating some yummy campfire food.  We also stopped at George Washington's birthplace on our way home and that was really cool too.  

2.  On Saturday I went with Lindsey and the kids to Brookside Gardens to Wings of Fancy, the butterfly exhibit that is currently on.  They had butterflies from all over the world as well as caterpillars in different stages of metamorphosis. Brookside Gardens is also a large outdoor garden with walking trails so we checked that out too.

I know I just put a cider on my list a couple weeks ago, but I had to put this one on too.  I first had McKenzie's Pumpkin Jack a couple years ago when Miranda was visiting me in NYC and we kept missing our ferry from Brooklyn back to the island.  this is seriously the best cider ever, and I have never been able to find it in a store to buy until Josh and I went into our local ghetto liquor store the other day and there it was!

4.  I have a major addiction to Nitro Brewed Iced Coffee since first having it in Ybor City in Tampa last year.  It is quite common in the Tampa area but sadly, like a lot of things, not in Southern Maryland.  I did find one place, Wee Bean Coffee.  They are just a coffee truck that goes to certain events as well as he La Plata Farmer's Market twice a week, so I have been making a point to go to said Farmer's Market as often as possible.  It is delicious and they also have other yummy drinks and scones and such.

5. Okay ,I was really struggling for a fifth thing this week and I may possibly have had this on here before.  BUT, the best dry shampoo ever is this Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo.  I was reminded when I put some in my hair on our camping trip when it was greasy, sweaty and smelled like campfire and this stuff made it feel like I had just washed and blow dried it.  It's pricey but worth it!

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