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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Saskatchewan 2016 Pt. 2

OKay, so it has been a full month since I have been back from Saskatchewan and I am just now doing the second part of the blog on my trip.  What can I say, I have been busy and not in a super kinda blogging mood.  It happens.  In any case, here it is, the continuation of my 2016 SK trip!

Bright and early on my way to Moose Jaw at the edge of Lake Diefenbaker.

My awesome trip to Moose Jaw and Regina with Auntie Lorri and Uncle Glen.  I did a whole blog about it so this is just the highlights.  You can check out the whole thing here.

Checking out the new dome on the SK Legislative building. 

At the Saskatchewan Burrowing Owl Interpretive Centre. 

Supper at Grant Hall in Moose Jaw.

Some SK scenery on the drive home.

Early morning walk at the Landing.

One of my favorite special needs kitties.

Ticker doing what Dachsunds do best.

I spent a morning picking cherries from my mom's ridiculously loaded cherry tree.  The bottom picture is what they deliciously turned in to.

Jesse and I went on our annual geocaching adventure and found a bunch.  This is one of my favorite activities because I always see things that are a few miles away from where I grew up that i never knew existed.

Bison!  I just love these things.  Also they are delicious.

The Valley on the way to Beaver Flat.  One of my favorite Saskatchewan places.

A Norwegian Church by Beaver Flat.

The Beach!

Another kitten pile.

My grandparents 65th anniversary was while I was home and we celebrated the family being together with some drunken fireworks.  They were almost disastrous but we had a great time.

Dressed up for the anniversary.

Sibling selfie!

At the anniversary.

The happy couple!

We waited for a favorite cousin selfie until the end of the night.  Not the best choice.

Sunrise after 3 hours of sleep back in to clean up.

 Miranda and I ready for a late walk in the rain.

Wing list at the Lake Store

It was so great to hang out with Erin and the crew for the day!

Roses at Grandma's.

One last time at White Bear.

Cuddling with my favorite baby.

Kittens going out for a hunting lesson.

Mom's amazing Lily.  this is one plants and the flowers are bigger than my hands.

Another storm.

Random Monster Truck at Pharmasave.

The best fish and chips ever at the Landing Clubhouse.

And a Birthday Cake dipped cone from the Hilltop.

Pelican!  Saskatchewan has the prettiest Pelicans.

My favorite puppies.

Last cuddles with my sickly baby.

I almost went my whole trip without a butter tart.

This hasn't happened for years.  A family sleepover in Saskatoon before my early morning flight.

Sad to leave!

A pretty amazing Bloody Mary at Minneapolis airport.  The burger was one of the best burgers ever!

I had like four hours in the airport so I walked around looking for Pokemon and exploring the airport.

Spam display.

And back in DC... The Pentagon from the air.

As usual a packed, amazing trip to my favorite place in the world!

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