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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wings of Fancy Butterflies

A few weeks ago, Lindsey packed me and the kids up and we went to Brookside Gardens in Silver Spring for their Wings of Fancy Butterfly Garden. The Park is beautiful on it's own and the butterfly garden just added to the beauty.  It was the coolest day we had in months so the butterflies were all out enjoying a cooler day as we were.  Mostly this was just one of those awesome photo opportunities and somme fun time with the kids.  So, here are some of the pictures from our time at the garden.  I really don't know many of the kinds of butterflies but they are so pretty!  

The start off with a section with caterpillars and cocoons and chrysalis'.

They used rotting bananas along with the flowers to attract and feed the butterflies.

So many kinds of butterflies!

This is one that Josh and I saw in the Peruvian jungle.  When it's wings are up it looks like a leaf.


Love how this guy is posing for the camera and looking right at me.

This one liked Lindsey's head!

After the Butterflies we went for a walk around the park.

The pond was filled with turtles and they were hanging out by the edge wanting food from the people.

Check out Brookside Gardens and Wings of Fancy in the summer!  It's a great way to spend a day.

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