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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Walk in Tampa and the Florida Aquarium

While we were at home last time, Josh and I realized that we have been living part time in Florida for almost a year now and in that entire time we haven't made the short drive into Tampa.  So we decided to fix that by going down to the Tampa River Walk and seeing what we could find.  It was a scorching hot day, and at first I wondered why there was literally no one else outside.  Like no one.  It didn't take long to figure it it.  We only walked like half a mile out and half a mile back but we did check out the Florida Aquarium and took a wander in Ybor City.  

We walked by this pizza place that looks like a police precinct and their delivery vehicles actually look exactly like police cars.

The Florida Aquarium is right on the water and right on the River Walk so it was really our first stop. I don't love aquariums because I don't like to see animals in captivity but these area ll animals found in Florida and they seemed pretty well looked after.


Green Heron

A gator

Rosetta Spoonbills.  I love these guys and we see them every now and then around the house.

This Spoonbill was totally messing with the turtle but I missed getting a picture of it.

A 23 foot burmese Python.  These invasive creatures are a high issue in Florida right now.

Stingray feeding time.




At the Lemur exhibit.

I love this... the aquarium raises coral.

This spider was not part of the zoo but he was at the zoo.  I'm not sure if it is a Wolf Spider or a Huntsman Spider but it was like the size of my hand.

Sea turtle, Stingray and fish.

Little eels that pop out of the sand.

These were the biggest Lobster I have ever seen and also the biggest Puffer Fish I have ever seen.


Cute seahorse

Josh with an 200lb Goliath Grouper.

Rays at Stingray Beach where you can pet them... If you can catch then.

This guy loved petting and attention.

Tiger Sharks

Moray Eel.  This guy terrifies me more than any other creature in the world I think.


Potbellied Seahorses.

Leafy Dragon

This giant viewing room was pretty amazing.

Jelly Fish

Underwater Lego displays.

Sea turtle!

A large Octopus that took us forever to find.

Ghost Shark and Horseshoe crab.

After the aquarium we stopped at Hablo Taco which was a delicious meal and awesome drinks right on the water.

Once we finished lunch, we tried to go for our little stroll on the River Walk, but like I said, it was SO hot and there was literally no one else out but it was really nice and I can't wait to go back when it's a little cooler!

Thunder Alley at Amalie Area, home of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

We decided to go somewhere that we could escape from the heat a little so we went down to Ybor City.  Ybor is little Cuba and a lot of fun and the first place we ever came and stayed when we were thinking about buying in the Tampa area.

We got some cigars and this woman that was rolling some told me I could take her picture and then gave me the dirtiest look when I did.

We grabbed a drink at the Green Iguana and were hot and tired and headed home to our lovely pool!

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