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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Fab Friday Faves 11.11.16

Happy Friday my Darlings!  And a very big thank you to our Canadian and American veterans that have fought for our freedom, both in our lifetime and before.  We owe you everything that we have and we don't thank you enough.  I will be leaving shortly to go to a Veteran's Day parade in Leonardtown, MD, just down the road from here.  It does make me sad that today is not a day off for everyone in the US, so that everyone has the chance to go out and show respect to our veterans.  In Canada, Remembrance Day is a statutory day off and most people use the morning of the day to go to a ceremony and wreath laying. I really miss that but I am hoping that this parade and ceremony will fill the void.

Of course the big news this week is our new President Elect, Donald Trump.  I know a lot of people are shocked and saddened by this news, and there have been protests and violence coming from both sides already.  I hope that people stop this and start working together to make the country a better place instead of just relying on one person to fix all of the problems that have taken hundreds of years to create.  I could not vote in the election as I am not an American citizen, but I live here and am just as effected by the results as anyone else.  While I don't think that Trump was the best choice, I don't think Hillary was either.  Both candidates obviously have checkered pasts and policies that I agree and disagree with and I really hope that cooler heads prevail and that there are enough smart people working with Mr. Trump that he can do positive things with his time in office.  I do not believe he is a horrible person but I do worry about things that he has said and things that he plans on doing.  I worry about rights for women, people with disabilities, minorities, immigrants and people in the LBGTQ communities.  I worry about the environment, as this is a critical time on our planet and whatever reason you think climate change is happening, there is no denying that it is and we need to do what we can to slow it and prepare our people for what it is bringing.  I worry about our children hearing our leader saying horrible things about people that deserve the same respect as everyone else and them thinking it is okay to demean others.  I worry that gun crimes are going to keep getting worse and worse with no control and education and I worry that we are going to sever ties with our allies around the world and even make enemies that we need on our side in the face of the terrorism that we already see on a regular basis.  I believe in being optimistic and that everyone deserves to prove themselves, so congratulations President Elect Trump, please prove half of the country wrong and prove to the other half that they made the right choice.

That being said,  besides the excitement in the country, I had a very quiet week.  I hung out with Lindsey and the kids quite a bit, and on Sunday, Josh and I had our first day together in over two months.  We went to Ellicott City, the prettiest little historic town I have ever seen, just north of here near Baltimore.  Earlier this year, the town was devastated by a flash flood.  It is built over top of two different rivers, like, literally the rivers are under the basements of the businesses on Main Street downtown.  So, when the flash food came, it gutted all of the old buildings leaving nothing but the shells.  One person was also killed.  Most of the businesses are currently rebuilding with only a couple having managed to open at this point so we mostly just wandered the streets but it is beautiful and heartbreaking to see what these people lost.  We also went to Patapsco Valley State park across the river from Ellicott City and it is one of the prettiest state parks we have been to.  We wandered some trails, walked across the swinging bridge and checked out a little waterfall.

Alright, like I said this week was quiet, so my Five is a bit lackluster, but I did my best!  Enjoy!

1. I went out to Gilbert Run Park for a walk and this place just keeps getting more and more beautiful.  The Fall colors here are amazing!

2. I saw a Facebook recipe the other day for Red Wine Hot Chocolate so I tried it out last night.  mine didn't look this pretty but where has Red Wine Hot Chocolate been all my life?  Wow! Thanks to for the photo.

3.  I started watching Sarah Jessica Parker's new show on HBO "Divorce" a few weeks ago and I am addicted.  The show is amazing and deep and funny and of course SJP is an absolute goddess.

4.  We eat roasted vegetables all the time but Fall is my favorite time to have them because of all the delicious root veggies filled with flavor and color.  I picked up some parsnips, beets, rainbow carrots, different varieties of sweet potatoes and zucchini at the Farmer's Market and they are amazing.

5. Christmas Oranges are out!  Or Mandarin's or whatever you call them and they taste so good!

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  1. Right with you, so thankful for our Veterans and their service! New to your blog :D

  2. Red wine hot chocolate sounds so interesting! I may have to try this :) Thanks for sharing :)

    Sarah Bell
    Trendy & Tidy

  3. That red wine hot chocolate sounds yummy. I voted for Trump but only because I believe he's the lesser of two evils. You're absolutely right in saying that we need to all come together and make things work. The president can't solve everyone's problems. It's up to us, as the people, to unite and help each other.