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Monday, November 7, 2016

Nashville Girl's Trip Pt. 2

Well, I dropped the ball again, it has been almost a month and a half since I have been back from Nashville and I am just getting around to part 2 of my blog.  At least there are only two parts, am I right?  Anyway, here it is.  This was our Sunday and Monday and my Tuesday exploring this beautiful city.  So, enjoy! 

Bright and early Sunday morning we headed back over to the area where the Opry is, to the Cumberland river, and boarded the General Jackson Steamboat.  This is a massive Steamboat, and gorgeous.  I think we all felt like we were stepping back about 80 decades when we boarded.  We were there to attend "Sunday in the South" a morning gospel show and brunch.  

Probably one of the best breakfast buffets I have ever been to, mostly because they had chicken and biscuits and gravy.  HELLO!!

The singers and musicians were also phenomenal.  When we booked the gospel show we questioned whether we would know the music and enjoy it but it turns out we knew all of the songs and could sing along with everything and we really enjoyed their enthusiasm and audience interaction.  

After breakfast and the show was over, we had about an hour to explore the boat, enjoy the view and enjoy some more music outside.  It was once again ridiculously hot but still an amazing experience.

Downtown Nashville skyline from the river.


Finally after the Showboat, we got some time for some real, live shopping!  We went to the Opry Mills Outlet Mall.  This was probably about the best outlet mall I have ever been to.  We all ended up with purses and fun things. 

Talk about a busy day, our next event was Nicole, Miranda and I.  We were going on the Off The Wagon Pubcrawl.  A wagon pulled by a John Deere tractor around downtown Nashville for a couple hours.  Is there anything cooler than that?

We brought our own booze and a bartender on the trailer poured it for us.

We got to see some awesome Nashville sites that we wouldn't have had time to otherwise.


As the night wore on and the city got busier, we were sort of celebrities, everyone waving at us and taking pictures of us.  We were pretty cool! haha

We stopped and picked up a group of girls from NYC that had been on the Wagon the previous two nights and still had a bunch of booze on board.  They were a lot younger than us but they were fun!

We went straight home after the pub-crawl ended and ordered food and watched a movie.  It was actually a really nice evening.

Monday was our last day... we were getting tired, but we still looked hot!  

This was our special shopping day, Tiffany!  Miranda got a gorgeous necklace and we all got to dream!  

Tiffany happened to be in the same area as the Juice Bar I had been super excited to go to.  It is owned by my favorite reality TV family, the Chrisleys.  The Chrisley's weren't there but I did have the best juice I have ever had!

Todd creeping through the door.

Just down the street was the Bluebird Cafe, where so many country superstars got their starts and come back to when they feel so inclined.  Actually, two days after we were there Garth showed up unannounced and played a show here.

We needed lunch so we went to one of the most famous BBQ joints in Nashville and the US, Martin's.  Delicious!

We headed back downtown after lunch and I finally got to go into the Johnny Cash Museum!  Yay!  It was full of fun facts and TONS of memorabilia about my favorite country star.

He was such a sweetie!

Cheesy, overpriced pic!  

We tried to go to Ryman auditorium, which was home to the Grand Ole Opry for a lot of years but it ended up closing just as we got there.   So we went for a wander.

We weren't sure what to do so we went for a drink to Flipside a few miles from down town.  A super cool retro little bar and restaurant.  It is also owned by Canadians so there is poutine and Caesars!

After a few hours there we went looking for dinner.  Miranda and I really wanted steak but we could not find one for the life of us.  So we got some mussels.  Well I did, and I must say there were pretty much the best mussels ever.

After dinner, we went across the street to loser's Bar and Jon Pardi was playing a little concert there and it was awesome!  We got to hear Head Over Boots and Dirt on My Boots.

We found another bar across the street for some final drinks.  It was a total Chicago style bar which was cool except some jerk put a bunch or Christmas music on the Jukebox, it was September.

When we were close to leaving, I recognized a guy that walked in.  It was Luke from this last season of the Bachelorette.  I wasn't going to bug him but Tara went and asked him if I could get a pic with him.  He was super sweet.  We pretty much went home after this, we really needed to, as all the girls had to be up at like 5am to head to the airport.

I said goodbye to the girls in the morning and got up and cleaned for a couple hours and made my way to the Titan Stadium area of the city, right across the river from downtown.  I really wanted to walk across the pedestrian bridge, it was a beautiful view and Titan Stadium is super cool looking.

I wandered downtown for a bit and saw a few things that I hadn't seen and checked out a few gift shops.

I got lunch at Merchants restaurant, a gorgeous high end old hotel.  I got Duck Fat Tater Tots and Johnny Cash Iron Pot Chili.  Delicious.  The guy beside me got the dish on the right OMG.

I had to Uber all the way back to the Airbnb and then back to the airport so I was running out of time, but I hadn't been able to go to a coffee shop all weekend so that was my final stop, and it was totally worth it for this Dirty Chai.  

 I had an amazing time in Nashville and I hope the other girl did too.  I can't wait to take Josh back there with me.  It is such a good time and so our vibe!  Thanks to Miranda, Nicole, Tara and Sarah for the best girl trip!

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