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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Fab Friday Faves 11.25.16

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends and family!  We didn't do too much to celebrate this year, as Josh had to work, but we did have a ham and some fixins and last weekend we had a big celebration with our travel family that turned out great.  Obviously today is Black Friday...I have yet to decide if I am going to brave the crowds.  I have a feeling that it could be a bit insane around here, just a hunch, sometimes you can just tell.  I've actually had a really busy week this week.  I know I haven't said that in a long time, but I did, and it was great!  My friend Mel and her little guy Myles came to visit Jason that works with Josh so I spend most of the week with them along with Lindsey and the kids, a sort of new friend Megan that I met in Peru and her two adorable kidlets, and Rob's wife Theresa and their two girls. It was nice to have some company and some new people to explore with.  I have no clue if Josh and I will be able to do anything this weekend but I'm hoping!  Alright, everyone have a safe and fun weekend wherever you are!

1. On Wednesday we packed up the cars with Mel and Myles, Nicole and I and Megan And Julien and Kayla and went to the Farmer's Market for coffee and wandered up to a couple churches in La Plata, then went for a drive to Chapel Point State Park, which I have visited before, to check out the really cool old church there.  Myles is obsessed with churches, so it was kind of a church hunting mission.  We then stopped at Port Tobacco at the old courthouse and then to lunch at one of my favorites, Red Oak Bistro.  It was a really great day with some awesome friends.  

2. Since I wasn't cooking a Thanksgiving turkey, I decided to adopt one instead.  Her name is Spunky and she lives in California and loves blueberries.  <3

3. Like I mentioned, we had our big travel family Thanksgiving last Saturday and Dave and Lindsey's.  I really dropped the ball and literally took one picture, and it was of the Griswold style Christmas light unveiling.  The whole night was so great, with more food and friends than we could ever ask for.

4. Food was a major theme this week.  I think I ate out more than I have in the last three months combined.  Josh and I even ordered pizza one night which we haven't done since Spring.  We got the new Jalapeño Popper pizza from Vocelli's here in Waldorf and it was DELICIOUS!  And actually really spicy!

5. Again, food, I went to Spoons Korean Barbecue in La Plata and got this delicious hot pot.  This place is relatively new and there is nothing else like it in the are and I am so excited for some thing new and delicious.

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  1. It looks like you had a great week. Happy Thanksgiving!

    I hope you can stop by and consider joining in the 2017 PenPal sign-ups:


  2. Love the Christmas lights and YUM to pizza and Korean BBQ! I too don't dare try to go out on black friday. I'd prefer shopping online in my PJ's!

  3. All of that food looks amazing! And I love the lights!