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Monday, February 6, 2017

Cool Valentine's Gifts For the Men (Or Anyone) In Your Life

I don't know about all of you, but I know the men that are closest to me; my husband, my stepdad and my brother are the hardest people ever to buy gifts for.  While I only buy for Josh on Valentine's Day, these gifts can transfer over to other holidays too and there are some pretty awesome ideas.  If anyone  has any other cool ideas for me, please let me know, I can never have too many ideas for these difficult men!  

Man Crates- Josh got one of these from his parents for his birthday last year and when I checked out the website I fell in love.  Honestly there are a ton of them that I would like too.  From sports team themed boxes, to different kinds of jerky and drink mixes to one where you can make your own knife.  There is something for everyone and they are totally customizable. 

Teespring- This site has thousands of really cool unique tee shirts that you won't find anywhere else.  Again there will be something for anybody you know that wears clothes. 

MeUndies- A site with high quality really cool undies of all shapes and sizes.  You can even get matching ones for you and your man. $20-24/pair

Bespoke Post- They call these "Themed boxes for guys who give a damn," so basically it is a subscription service of cool, hard to find, hand crafted things for rich people or want to be rich people.  There are some really cool things in these and you can chose from themes like Refresh, Flex and The Barber.  You can also browse there shop of cool items from the boxes. 

Tile- This is one thing I NEED to get for Josh.  He always loses his keys and blames me.  Tiles are little flat squares that can be attached to pretty much anything like keys, wallets etc, and when you lose them, you go to the app on your phone and it can tell you where you last had it and if it is within 100 feet it can ring it.  You can also press your tile and make your phone ring when you lose it. $70 for a 4 pack right now.

The Kaufman Mercantile Guide- How to Split Wood, Shuck an Oyster, and Master Other Simple Pleasures.- The name kinda says it all for this book. About $16 on Amazon.

The Luckiest Guy Mug- Cuz it's funny and true! $20 on Amazon.

Goo Goo Clusters- I visited the Goo Goo store in Nashville in September and brought a bunch home with me and OMG these are amazing and Josh loves them.  They are kinda like Turtles but more decadent and they have some neat flavors.  If you can't go to Nashville you can order online.  $4.29 for a 3 pack

Scratch Maps- These are great for anyone who travels.  Maps that you can scratch off each country that you go to.  You can get world maps, different countries and one that you can put stickers on in stead of scratching (but I love scratch tickets so the scratch ones sound awesome!) around $30 
MouthBox- Another cool box gift, where you can get any kind of box filled with food, cocktails, sweets, cheeses, popcorns, bacons, pretty much anything you could dream up! They even have some for themes like Sick Day, Brunch in a Bag and Eat Your Feelings (great for your single friends on V-Day!) ranging from $42-$1000 for one filled with premium booze.


Kikkerland Portable BBQ Suitcase- Great for your camper of tailgater this is a super compact, convenient grill that is also really cool looking.  $85


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