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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Fab Friday Faves 02.03.17

Hello all my Friday friends!  I hope everyone had an awesome Groundhog Day, seeing as this is one of favorite holidays, I did!  Groundhog Day the movie is one of my favorite movies, so I watched it... twice.  haha.  It has been another pretty quiet week... and I have a secret... I think we are moving for a while.  That is currently all I can say, but I should know for sure by next Friday... well I better!  Anyway, I have been packing so it better not be for no reason.  I spent quite a bit of time with Lindsey and the kids this week, with a trip to Alexandria to Trader Joe's, and a play date at Megan's. I made those yummy Monster Cookie Dough Cupcakes that have been floating around on Facebook and Pinterest, I heard they were good... I haven't actually eaten one but they sure look good and have gotten rave reviews!  My baby brother turned 18 this week as well, you have no idea how crazy it is that he is 18.  I was almost 16 when he was born and I can't believe there is anyway that he is a grownup!  Alright, everyone enjoy your weekend and take care!

1. I got my Valentine's nails done this week.  How cute are they?

2. I got these socks from Hand Pressed Heart.  I know that they are getting pretty popular but they are so cute I just love them.  I'm not sure yet if they work, but here's hoping!

3. On Saturday Josh and I went to the Port of Leonardtown Winery.  They have some delicious wines, a super laid back atmosphere and they had a great musician playing some awesome 90s and classic rock.

4. In Alexandria, Lindsey and the kids and I went to Sugar Shack for a coffee and raspberry cheesecake donut.  I love this place, so good!

5. Since I am ready for spring, I decided to get some Daffodils at Trader Joe's.  They bloomed super quickly and are so pretty and give me a little ray of sunshine.

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  1. LOVE your Valentine's nails!! So pretty! And those socks are great too hahaha.

  2. Those socks are awesome! When I get some extra money I'm going to order the "Bottoms Up" socks. I'm ready for Spring too.