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Thursday, October 24, 2013

A trip to the Coast of Maine

Early this last weekend, I got a text from my dearest friend Nicole, asking if we would be interested in meeting in Bangor for lunch on Tuesday.  Of course I was ridiculously excited, since I haven't seen her since July when I was home in Saskatchewan.  We are used to being on jobs together and it has been really hard not having her with me.  We still manage to Facetime and keep in touch, but it isn't the same.
So early Tuesday morning, we headed for Bangor.  It is about a 2.5 hour drive south, from Presque Isle where Josh is from.  We arrived  bit early so we went to check out a couple stores.  We had planned on going to Texas Roadhouse, one of the husband's favorites, but about 20 minutes before lunch, Nicole informed us that it was not open until 3!  SO we decided on Bugaboo Creek.  A kind of Canadian themed steakhouse.  It was great and we had a lovely visit.  But so not long enough!

After our much too short visit, Josh and I headed to the mall for a couple hours of shopping.  It is such a treat now to shop in American stores.  It is just not the same in Peru.  Josh also got new glasses.  He looks like a movie star ;)  (he hates that I say that).  I'll post a pic later as he isn't wearing them today.
after shopping and glasses, I was informed that we were going on a secret trip down the coast a little bit.  Josh has known for a long time that i just wanted to see a bit of the coast!  It has been 4 years and I have seen the Maine coast once, for just an hour or so.  So we headed out on our journey.  Our first stop was a place called Perry's Nuthouse for some amazing home made fudge.  The Whoopie Pie is a Maine specialty and they have delish fudge in Whoopie Pie flavor.  yum!

We continued on, and I still really had no idea where we were headed.  When we finally arrived, I was in awe.  We were at the Berry Manor Inn in Rockland.

The Berry Manor Inn, was an interesting history, and is totally gorgeous.  It was voted one of the 25 best B&Bs in the US in 2013 by Trip Advisor, Down East Magazine's Top B&B in Maine in 2012 and in the Top 10 B&Bs in the US by in 2012. Check them out Berry Manor Inn.
The also have what is said to be some of the best pies in the US and I agree!  We had a "Pie Bar" that was open 24 hours and we took advantage of it, haha.  The women that make the pies for the Inn have been featured on both Dirty Jobs, with Mike Rowe and Throw Down with Bobby Flay.  Check those videos out here- Pie Moms.

Once we got settled in, we decided to go to another "famous" place for dinner.  Archers on the Pier was also featured on Thrown Down with Bobby Flay for the owner, Lynn's famous Lobster Club Sandwich.  Josh got a seafood pot pie that was unbelievable.  So rich and full of delicious butter and cheese.  I got the lazy lobster, which is 2 and 1/4 lobsters already taken out of the shell and soaked in butter.  To die for.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

When we returned to the Berry Manor Inn, this is what was waiting :)

The next morning we got up early and headed downstairs for breakfast.  It was Wonderful Wiener Wednesday (the owners of the B&B are hilarious).  It was interesting to say the least, but also probably the best "hotel" breakfast I have ever had.  Blueberry Blintzes... one of my favorite things on the planet.

We wanted to make the most of our time, so we headed down to the water, to the Breakwater Lighthouse.  It was a gorgeous morning, and I love the ocean, so it was perfect.  It was closet o a mile walk on the Breakwater to the adorable little lighthouse, that was built in the late 1800s.  I also took Rocky the Lobster, whom I had taken from the B&B.  I can submit photos of him in different locations around Rockland for a chance to win a prize.  So that is why there is the cute little lobster in a couple photos ;).  

 After a lovely walk, we decided to head back to Archers on the Pier (we never go to the same restaurant twice) to try the "Lobster King of Clubs" and wow did we ever not regret it.  Seriously, mind blowing!  And a great view!

Unfortunately it was time to make our way north.  We did make another stop, at the Maine State Cheese Co.where we ended up buying a lot of souvenirs and yummy local made food and wine.  
There were some interesting items.

Did I mention some of the houses we saw were incredible?  Seriously, think "the Witches of Eastwick" Stephen King Novels, and "Once Upon a Time".  Just the homes of my dreams!  It was hard  to get good photos while driving, but you get the idea.

 We stopped North of Bangor to check out the view of Mount Katahdin.  It was a bit cloudy but gorgeous.  The last photo is of the amazing Northern Maine sunset, pictures just don't do it justice!

I'll be back in the next few days (maybe not until we get back to Peru), with some more blogs about our adventures over the last couple weeks!  Enjoy your weekend!  And wish us luck on our flight home Sunday!

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