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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Most Boring Day Ever?

So I know everyone is likely sick of my boring posts.  Honestly, They will end soon.  We leave for Cusco on Friday, and I am hoping for an adventure there.  But until then, no dice.  Yesterday started out like an average day.  I headed to Yoga, because even though it was a holiday here, the website said that classes were as usual.  The last time there was a holiday, the website was updated with a holiday schedule.  I had an awful sleep, so dragging my tired ass out of bed was very difficult, but I thought I should.  So I get there and the door was locked.  Ugh.  I headed back home to begin the most boring day ever.  Or at least in the top 5.
I can't really complain.  I could have done a day tour to the Ancient City of Caral.  But it is an open air bus tour, and I thought that it would be much nice to do it in November when it is hot out and I can enjoy the sun!  I thought "hey, I'll stick around here, catch up, pack for our trips, maybe some friends will be doing something and I can tag along."  Turns out I am pretty much done packing.  So I sat around and watched Breaking Bad for about 5 hours.  I did end up going to the grocery store with Lindsey and Mel and the kids, for a total of about 45 minutes.  While we were there I bought some art supplies to make a poster for a photo for our Christmas card when we are on Machu Picchu.  So, I came home and worked on my poster.  I did end up making a pretty yummy supper though, With these delicious roasted carrots that I found at the Bioferia.  Delicous!

I thought since I was so bored yesterday I would do something to maybe help someone else's boredom.  
These are some sites a frequent when I'm bored.  Shopping and just random stuff!  Enjoy!

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