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Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Very Quick Cusco Update!

Hola Amigos!

Josh and I headed for Cusco on Friday and have been LOVING it!  We got her late Friday afternoon (2 hour delay in Lima Airport), checked into our hotel and started enjoying the city.  Cusco has about 350,000 people, so it is a far cry from Lima's 10 million.  It is so quiet, and honestly the silence in our hotel room is deafening.  The people are friendlier, everybody speaks english and the food is amazing.  We have also met some very cool people (I will tell you more about them later).

This is just going to be a quick update with a few pictures of the highlights from the last couple days.  We head to Machu Picchu tomorrow first thing in the morning, and I am hoping when we get back to the hotel we will have time to do start a more intensive blog about our trip.

This is me in the Plaza De Armas with the Cathedral in the background.  Gorgeous.

These women and children are everywhere.  You pay them a couple soles to take a picture of them or have a picture taken with them.  So cute though.

This is Coricancha.  The Incan Sun Temple.  Beautiful.

Next is Sacsayhuaman Ruins above Cusco.  These are HUGE and pretty amazing.  I took a nasty spill while climbing up them lol.

Josh starting his rock climbing ascent today.

Me with an amazing view of the Sacred Valley while climbing up.

All of our zip lining/ repelling photos are on Josh's Go-pro and I can't figure out how to open it, but what an amazing experience.  Climbing a mountain at 3200m (10, 500 ft) then zip lining down most of it and repelling (my first time!) down the last portion was insane!  

Like I said, I will be back soon, have a great day!

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