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Monday, October 7, 2013

Hair Day!

Hola Chicas!  (maybe a couple Chicos too?)  I finally have something exciting to write about!  It makes me sad that it is the most exciting thing happen to me in about 12 days, but it is something.  I went to get my hair done!  Well, I started off the morning with a lovely facetime with one of my besties, currently in Raleigh, NC, decorating her brand new house.  Check out her travel/life blog Adventures of a Wild Sunflower.  We normally talk almost every day, but we have both been busy at different times over the last 3 weeks and have barely talked os it was so nice to see her face and to catch up.  After our chat  I went to the chiropractor.  Which I really enjoy, because I get electro therapy on my lower back which feels amazing.   I then headed into San Isidro which is probably my favorite district of Lima that I have seen so far.  There are amazing shops and stores, and not just little Peruvian ones, but big brand name ones and also awesome restaurants.
The salon I went to, is the same one as last time (I think I it was one of my first blog posts), the Daniel Guidi Salon.  My guy there is Peruvian but is essentially a "white girl hair" specialist.  They say "fine, caucasian hair" specialist, but same thing.  I wanted the same as usual cut, roots and lowlights and just like before it turned out great!

I decided I would walk home.  I have never done it before, but its really not that far, only about 4km.  I also was pretty sure it was safe the entire way.  I thought I might get some new fun pictures, but was pretty unsuccessful.  It is even more uneventful than Miraflores.  I did finally get a picture of this gorgeous church:

I also stopped at a different Wong location.  It was totally different, and kind of refreshing getting my groceries.  And there was a Transformer.  He is huge.  Like as tall as the top of the escalator.  

And my most exciting find!  As my dedicated readers know, I have been quite distraught about the lack of Baking Soda here.  Well look what I found! Only took me almost 6 months!

Have a great night and I am going to have to make an adventure soon so I have something a little more enthralling to write about!  

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