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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Little Piece of Home

In honor of the amazing Grey Cup win last night, by the Saskatchewan Roughriders, I have decided to show everyone a little bit of Saskatchewan.  It is one of my favorite places and where I grew, and were I still spend a lot of my time when I am home.  Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park is on Lake Diefenbaker, part of the South Saskatchewan River.  It's not that much, but it is home, and holds a million memories for me of family, friends and great times!  The last couple years, since I started running, this has been my favorite place to lace up my sneakers and head out in the morning.  Not a person in sight and just the calm water and beautiful sunrise.  When I was a kid, my grandparents would pack up the motor home and take the grandkids out for a week in the summer, now as an adult, my parents have started taking their camper down there for 3 weeks or so in the summer too.  Always a nice fire in the evening to enjoy and rain at night.

The next few pictures are from a party boat trip we took for my moms birthday in July 2012.

Over the years, there has gotten to be more and more wildlife.  Lots of fish, snails, frogs, deer, moose, beaver and many different kind of birds.  The cows don't really count but they are always amusing.

as well as beautiful plants.

My family and I love to ride our bikes along the trails on the warm summer evenings.

About 10 years ago they opened up some new trails to walk and run on as well.  

My favorite thing to do is hang out on the beach, whether it be to suntan, or wander along the shore looking for driftwood and treasures.

Some of the history of the Landing is also interesting.  From the Natives that once lived here to the ancient animals that lived here when the valley was formed during the ice age.  


lichen on a rock

pioneer farm equipment

native gravesites

 Jesse and I have spent many, many hours at the mini-golf located at the Marina . Love mini-golf!

Especially right now, I am proud to be from Saskatchewan and love where I came from!  The many years I spent exploring the valley have made me love this area so much.  It's like a little oasis in the middle of the prairie!

The skies in Saskatchewan are the biggest and most beautiful in the world.

   I will be spending the next three days planning and preparing for our American Thanksgiving feast.  It is the first time I will have ever done it for anyone other than Josh and I as we are having some of Josh's coworkers over that don't have their wives here.  They are all big, hungry men so it should be interesting!  I have a recipe to share tomorrow so stop back in then.  Everyone enjoy their day!


  1. Tanya, it's so pretty there! Question, what chewed on the trees?

    1. It is pretty! It was beavers that chewed up those trees a couple years ago!