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Friday, November 8, 2013

Fab Friday Faves! 11.8.13

Good morning Darlings!  Not going to lie, it has been a very slow week and I think my Faves will reflect that.  My stomach bug and migraine limited my time out of the apartment.  But in any case, they are all fabulous!

1. Lima Craft Bazaar finds- Christmas ornaments, a pearl necklace, a Peruvian sauce dish and a seashell change purse.  How cute are they all?

2. Pretty Pink Pedi- relaxing and pretty and probably the best pedi I have ever gotten.  If you are ever in Miraflores and need a break after walking all day, make sure you check out Toque-X above the Dunkin' Donuts by Parque Kennedy!

3. The view from the Miraflores cliffs- I don't think I need to describe this at all.  Can you see the tiny paraglider by the lighthouse?  Ya, that was me a few weeks ago!

4. My kitties- Just the two sweetest, cutest, most loveable kitty cats on the planet!

5. Hershey's Candy Cane Bar- The decorations are out and so are the treats!  I don't actually think I have ever had one of these at home, but the taste of the peppermint and chocolate made me feel like I was at home snuggled up in a blanket beside the Christmas tree.

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  1. the cliffs view is amazing. but hersey's peppermint?!?! whaaa? gonna have to try that. ;) xx

  2. So good! Crunched up candy cane in it! Haha

  3. Umm those chairs you get pedicures in... FANTASTIC!

  4. Stopping by from Sunday Social! That lighthouse pic is stunning.