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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Quick Update

It just occured to me today that, although I have been keeping everyone up to date on my big, interesting activities, I haven't really said much about what I have been doing other than those things.  While honestly there isn't too much to report, there are a few fun things that stick out in my mind from the last few weeks.  And of course, I have pictures!

One morning I heard this insane ruckus outside, and when I opened the window the tree below was filled with this big, green birds.  I still don't know what they are but even the Peruvians stopped and stared at what was going on.

a cute little street totally covered in trees, so pretty.

How can I not post a million pictures of our view of the pacific from the cliffs?  amazing.

I got to spend last Monday with the Van Buskirks and Ericksteins from home.  We had lunch, a afternoon city tour and dinner.  Fantastic.  So nice to see faces from home!

I know I posted this pic on my Friday Faves but It was a delicious sushi lunch at Edo with Jules, Veronica Blanca and Dalia.

After our lunch we found this in the back of Dalia's car.

On Saturday Josh and I went for dinner to Saqra.  I had my favorite dish the Anticuchos.  It is beef heart but the way they do it here is amazing!

My lovely flowers from Josh this week.  The smaller ones are peruvian lilies.  Almost the same colors as my tattoo.

And today... the most gorgeous day I have had in almost 8 months in Peru.  The sun was so bright it woke me way to early.  I went to yoga then came home to spend some time on the rooftop with my fur babies. As soon as I stood up for 2 seconds, somebody stole my lounger.  

So there you go,  A very quick update.  I am headed off to my photography workshop with photographer, Wim Boudin.  I am excited to finally learn some of the functions on out T3i.  Not sure we will make it out to do much photography during this lesson, but hopefully soon!  

Josh and I are also headed to the Islas Ballestas and Paracas National Reserve on Friday.  Ballestas is known as the Gallapagos of Peru, with all sorts of wildlife and Penguins!  So excited!  So of course, a blog to come on that!

Everyone have a fantastic day, I have a new recipe to share, so I will be back tomorrow!

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  1. Aww Josh bought flowers! They are so pretty!! Lucky Girl!!