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Friday, November 15, 2013

Fab Friday Faves 11.15.13

Good morning darlings!  I have made it to Starbucks bright and early, because I still have no internet, and it's not looking like I will anytime soon.  Had I known I would have to walk through the riff raff that hasn't made it to bed yet I think I would have waited a bit longer!
This week seems like it has been jam packed, luckily!  SO I haven't had to just sit at home very many days.  On Monday I spent the days with the Van Buskirks and the Ericksteins from home.  They are doing a few week tour of EVERYTHING Peru has to offer.  SO jealous.  Yesterday I did a walking tour of Barranco in the morning and got some amazing pictures (blog to come!) and then went for lunch with Jules, Dalia, Blanca (back in Peru to visit family after living in Minnesota with her husband for several months) and Veronica. Today I am doing a Vegetarian cooking class through Haku tours (The woman that originally signed up is vegetarian for anyone that knows me and is shocked haha)  I am really excited, and of course, blog to come!

Here are my Friday Faves with Link ups at the bottom.  Have an amazing Friday and see you all tomorrow!

1. Just when I thought I had finally collected all of the Peruvian Starbucks mugs, I come across these adorable little mini versions!  I am running out of room in my bags!  They also have one from Arequipa, another Peruvian city.  So now i have to figure out some way to get to Arequipa to get it so that it is authentic!  

2. Me, on Monday, Remembrance Day in Canada, Rocking my poppy all day in Peru.  Proud to be Canadian!

3. New York Lover....  Truer words have never been written.  <3 <3 <3

4. This super cute statue a few KMs up the cliffs from my apartment.  Not sure the significance but the colors are gorgeous!

5.  Lunch and drinks out with old and some new friends.  Also the Sushi and Edo Cocktails were amazing!  Me, Jules, Blanca and Veronica. 

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  1. Cute mugs! Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. hi from the linkup!! just started following! yay!!! love the pic with the gfs...sushi plus girlfriend and drinks equals perfection!!!! happy friday love! xx

    1. Thanks for the follow Elise! Love your blog! Have a fantastic weekend!