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Friday, November 1, 2013

Fab Friday Faves! 11.1.13

Hey everybody!  I have decided to start a new weekly segment on my blog.  It is not unique, a lot of bloggers do it, and I learned about it from my fab friend Mariya at My Craft Affair.  It will be my 5 favorite things of the week.  It could be anything, things I see outside, things I find online or just things that I LOVE.  I will also be linking up to other blogs every week to get my blog out there.  So enjoy, and if you think you have something that I would love, send it on over!

1. First class- the leg room, the delicious food, the free booze... Need I say more?  On international jobs SNC flies us first class but we rarely ever get to enjoy it because pets aren't allowed!  They would love it as much as we do.  I have a hard time getting comfortable enough to sleep on planes, and seats that recline into beds make it much easier... mmmmm

2. Mugs from Dunkin' Donuts and Starbucks with the location where you bought them-  I have these mugs from all over the U.S and Canada, and was a little shocked when I walked into Dunkin' Donuts in Miraflores and saw the mugs from Moscow and from Philly.  Maybe Moscow because of the Olympics, but Philly?  I am still contemplating buying them, cuz I really want to get them from the actual place, but will I ever go to Moscow?

3. My Gourd Ring- a couple months ago I found this amazing little place in the Inka Market that sells very intricate, beautiful jewelry carved from gourds.  These are very traditional, and the family I buy that from have been doing this for generations.  They also do full size gourds of all sizes carved into animals and traditional Inkan scenes.

4. Piscopolitans at Tanta with my remaining Lima ladies- Mariya, Jules and myself went for our last lunch and drinks with the three of us.  Mariya left for good last night. So sad!  But man those Piscopolitans were amazing!

5. Halloween cakes at Wong- Aren't these just the cutest?  They also had cupcakes and cookies.  I felt so lame this year having none of my tubs of decorations and a cool costume that these made me a little less homesick!

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