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Monday, February 16, 2015

Live with Kelly and Michael!

A few weeks ago, I was checking out if I could get into any shows that are filmed in NYC, mainly Live with Kelly and Michael.  I didn't have high hopes because I had looked a bunch of times before and they were always booked. When I saw there were two dates on their calendar with seats open I nearly died and booked them right away for Nicole and I.

So, Wednesday morning (must a say a painfully cold morning!) we got all bundled up and headed to ABC Studios in Manhattan.  We had to be there for 7:15AM to check in, but we were about 20 minutes early because that's how we roll.  We were pretty proud because neither of us generally get up at 5AM.  So we had a good 20 minute wait outside in one of the famous New York wind tunnels created by the massive buildings everywhere.  They let us in and checked out our bags then we were told that we would be standing in line until 8:30 which was over another hour.  We just stood around and had a chance to go buy some souvenirs from the show.  I ended up getting the "Michael" coffee mug and a couple other things. 

Finally. after what seemed like forever, they let us in to the studio.  We were near the front of the line but for some reason a lot of the seats were already taken.  We close to go up to the balcony, front row center.  There was only two other people up there when we went up and I sat down beside the guy, who then promptly moved another seat away from me.  I did not move over closer to him again even thought I knew we would have to fill that spot in.  This will be relevant later in this post.  Anyway, this nice kid by himself came and sat down in between us just like I thought.

We were actually in the few seats that get the beach balls to throw out at the start of trivia.

Gellman came out before the show to give us our rules and instructions.  Nothing too much on this show, just yell loud and clap fast.

We also did the audition for the trivia dancer.  I tell you, they were all quite interesting.  The girl that one did deserve it though, she was wild!  A girl also came around and handed out seat numbers for the trivia caller to call out.  I got # 208.

We got our 30 second notice that the show was starting and out came Kelly and Michael!  So exciting, I love these two!

The did their small talk, and talked about the news and joked around.  I was really hoping that They would talk about Kelly's favorite place Regina, Saskatchewan so that I could cheer like crazy but they never did.  Nicole and I were both shocked how close Gellman and Art Moore actually sit to them.  like directly beside!

 Right before trivia started we got the queue to take the beach balls from under our seats, this was easier said than done because we had no where to move our feet because we were packed in like sardines. My ball took a major curve when I threw it and almost hit Kelly.  I felt really bad because I knew this was a big no no.  At least I didn't knock her coffee over.  The girl on the phone ended up answering the trivia question correctly and winning an amazing trip.  She called out # 58 or something not even close to us.

During the commercial break Kelly and Michael were pretty interactive with the audience which was awesome.   Michael signed some Giants gear and the both joked around and took some selfies.

The first guest was Hugh Grant, who I think is totally adorable and I loved him in some of his older movies like Bridget Jones Diary.  He told some stories and joked around and promoted his new movie "The Re-Write".

The next guest was Terrence Howard from "Empire."  He talked about the show and that he is having another baby right away as well as a grand baby.  Pretty crazy.  He also said that for a previous roll he had to gain a bunch of weight and to lose it, the crew on Empire made him do pushups in between takes.  He then challenged Kelly and Michael to a pushup contest which he got schooled at.  Kelly kicked his ass.

Michael had to get his shirt tucked and after the pushups and seemed to forget he had a lot of women watching him.  Or at least thats what he said.  None of us were complaining!

This is the clip of Nicole and I that was on the show.  

So the show was over, and we were waiting to hear we could leave, when they came out and told us that Kelly and Michael were changing for the second taping.  I really didn't know this was a thing, but we got more from our free tickets than we expected!  We weren't sure what to expect but we didn't complain!  So they did another Trivia dancer audition, and this time the guy from beside me that had moved away from me was in the running.  He is on the far right.  He never made it but he should have!

When Kelly and Michael came they acted like it was Friday, the day before Valentine's day.  Michael gave Kelly flowers and they talked about Tootsie Rolls and such.  It was actually pretty funny if you got to watch it.

Again they did Trivia.  This time was different though.  The caller on the phone won, and called out seat 211!  Which happened to be the seat that I was going to move into, but let the lone guy come sit in!  DAMMIT!  I was so mad but excited.  He even had to ask me what Cuisinart was.  I almost cried I swear!  He won 500 dollars worth of it.

This is the clip of us when they show him after he has won.  As you can tell I was excited.

Me and the winner.

Me and the guys that moved away from us and the seat winner.  The lady that photobombed repeated every single word of the entire show to her hard of hearing husband or friend or something beside her.  Nicole and I were less than impressed.

We actually only got to see one of Friday's guests, I am assuming they taped the other half of the show on Thursday.  The guest was Dale Ernhardt Jr. I am not a Nascar fan but I know that this is a big deal!  He was also such a nice guy and actually really cool.  Who knew that he has an old west town built on his property?

After the taping, Kelly and Michael had to do a promo for something to air on the weekend of the Oscars. It took a few minutes to get it set up and woman beside us from Seattle had brought some Seahawk's football gloves and threw them down for Kelly.  She loved them and they proceeded to dance around for a while.  

Once that was done, they did a promo for the next weeks show and we headed out!

We stopped to get our souvenir's that we had bought earlier and Nicole and I headed back out into the freezing air.  We also stopped at PJ Clarke's, one of our favorite lunch spots.  Then it was home for us because we were exhausted!  We had a great time and I really want to go back.  I just applied for tickets to "The Chew" on my birthday so we will see if that happens.  Stay Tuned!

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