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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Winter Visit to SK

It's been a while since I have been back to Saskatchewan in the winter, but I thought I was due for a trip to see my family and friends.  So I sucked it up, and on January 30, I flew from Newark to Saskatoon.  My parents and brother were waiting to pick me up and I was starving!  I had won a football bet against Jim and I got to chose where to eat, and I chose one of my old favorites, Rock Creek Grill.  I also ordered the same foods that I always used to get a Caesar (the drink not the salad for my American friends), guacamole blackened scallops, and their boneless dry ribs.  Delicious!

 We got back to Kyle late and stopped in for a visit at the neighbors as they were leaving the next day for a month on the West Coast.  By the time we got to the farm, I was ready for bed!  When I woke up the next day, the first thing I did was grab my baby bunny, Patrick for some cuddles.  Man I miss this little guy!

Jesse wanted to go for a drive so I joined him.  Oh, driving on backroads with a teenager.  haha.

I got home and decompressed from the drive, and Miranda and Courtney came out to drink some Pisco that Miranda had brought back from Peru and no one would drink with her.  I whipped up some iced Pisco Sours and we drank, a lot.   I miss this girl so much!

The part I was most excited for was White Bear.  I think I have talked about it before, but these are the best chicken wings in Canada (that is actually true) and he best I have had, anywhere in the world!  So I always look forward to this when I come home.  I ate so much I should have probably exploded.  Erin and James also joined us there.  So good to see them!

After a ridiculous amount of food and drink we headed back into Kyle for a hockey game, the Elks vs the Lakamos.  I think Kyle ended up winning 11-1 or something.  Ya we rock.  I had such a good time with all of my favorite people!

On Sunday, It was Jesse's 16th birthday!  He wanted to go to Swift Current to practice driving because he was going for his license there the next day.  We survived, and these are a couple pictures from the trip.

When we got back I went to visit the cats.  These are a couple of them and some pics from the back yard.

Later that night, Grandpa and grandma came out for supper and cake and a visit.  It was also the Superbowl and I think grandpa and grandma learned some new vocabulary haha.  It really was a fun night.

Monday was the big day!  Jesse went for and got his license, I was so proud!  I got this awesome toque and my first Roll up the Rim to Win from Tim's in a long time.

We went to Houston Pizza for lunch and I got poutine, yay!  It was heavenly!

Tuesday was a pretty nice quiet day.  It was the warmest of the days of my trip... -10C I think so I went out to the Landing for a walk and some picture taking.

And I went to play with the cats some more.  I really miss having 20 cats (not just 2) to bother.

Jesse bought me these Ketchup Doritos.  Only in Canada and that makes me very sad.  I don't like Doritos at all but these were by far the best ones I have ever had!

Michelle came out late Tuesday afternoon and did my lashes.  you can check out my blog on that here.  We had a great visit and my lashes turned out great.

Wednesday night was more hockey, but first, I had to go take some pictures of the gorgeous sunset.

Kyle actually ended up losing this game but it was a nail biter!

The moon when we got home was so pretty.  I miss the moon and stars!

I got up to say goodbye to my brother before he went to school on Thursday morning, and noticed this gorgeous sunrise starting.  I thought i would go out across the road and take some pictures, unfortunately, the steps were covered in frost and I fell and did a couple flips and a handspring down to the bottom.  I am still recovering.  My neck is killing me still 2 weeks later!  I managed to still hobble out to the road to get some nice pics.

Lazy ticker on the couch!  Friday was another quick trip to Swift Current to grab some things I wanted to get to bring back to the US with me.

 I've been having a hard time finding a picture for my new blog design that I love, so on Saturday, I made Jesse take me out to one of our other farms to take some pictures of me, and also get some stuff of mine from the farmhouse that I wanted to bring back.

Saturday was also crafting day.  Mom and I baked some sharpie art.  Really fun and relaxing and it turned out great.

Oh and White Bear again!  More wings and Mussels.

Sunday was my last day :( I went for a visit with there cats, had a great lunch and went to one last Elks game that Miranda and Courtney again came out for.  Then just relaxed and had one last visit with the family.

Bye Bye Saskatchewan!  See you soon!  Was so good to see everyone that I got to see, and for those of you that I didn't we will see you this summer!

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