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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Antique Store Treasures

Since we moved to Florida and bought the house, I have been looking all over for some cool antique pieces to incorporate into the decor.  Luckily, we have some amazing little antique stores in the area and I really hit the jackpot.  Miranda also helped out by getting us a gift certificate to my favorite ones for Christmas.  I had planned on getting old pieces and painting and making them shabby chic in the colors that i wanted myself, but I have found so many amazing items that have already been refurbished perfectly for me that I have only found a couple project pieces.  It has taken some of the fun out of it, but as if I haven't had enough to do as it is!

If anyone in the palm Harbor area is looking for some awesome antique stores, here are my favorites so far:

Antiques and Uniques- Ozona
Antiques and Uniques- Palm Harbor (like 2 minutes away from the other location, so you have to stop at both!)
Knot on Main- Dunedin
Court of Two Sisters and Upper Court- Tarpon Springs

This is one of my favorite finds from Knot on Main.  Canadian Club was my whiskey of choice during my whiskey days (mostly because it was cheap) but it was an awesome little find considering I found it down here.  I plan on making it in to a succulent arrangement once I get to Maryland.

I had been looking for a cool vintage window pane and finally found one like I wanted at Court of Two Sisters.  I am currently working on fixing this up and turning it into a collage of our wedding photos to display on our mantle.  The window is actually one of the original windows from the turn of the century building that Court of Two Sisters in so I love the history aspect of this beautiful piece.   Once I am done I will be sure to post photos!

Josh and I found these amazing night stands at Antiques and Uniques in Ozona.  They are exactly what I wanted and they look so perfect in our beachy, vintage bedroom.  They are actually old sewing machine cabinets and that just makes them even cooler.  

I had been looking for the perfect end table to go along with our really light and airy living room and when I saw this one at Antiques and Uniques, I knew it was, the one.  It matches perfectly and was was the final perfect touch to the living room furniture.  Thanks to Miranda, her christmas present to me paid for this little treasure.

Mom found and bought these for us while we were looking for our night stands and end table.  They look so good on our dining room table and were such a great find!

This was the first antique that we bought, about two weeks before we even moved into our house from Knot on Main.  Currently it is being used as my step stool, and also to hold our sound bar and cable box until I find a cabinet for under the TV.  Eventually I will turn it into a cute little shelf.  

When I saw this magazine rack, I knew I had to have it because it reminded my of my childhood (I assume everyone had one of these in the 80s?) as well as a ships wheel.  It was also a steal of a deal!  So cute!

The last thing I found (so far), was this terribly cute picture frame at Knot on Main.  It fits the decor of our house perfectly but I am taking it to Maryland to at least fill it with special pictures.  

I wil lbo adding to this post I am sure, as Antiques and Uniques has a huge outdoor sale that I am super excited for on Saturday.  If anyone has any other awesome little antique places in the area, please let me know!

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  1. There are tons of antique shops here!! We'll definitely have to spend a day checking them out, I've heard about really good deals and unique finds!!!