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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

On The Road Again (Our New Place)

Well here we are, back on the road again!  I know I mentioned that I got here right before the snow storm of the decade, but thats about all I have mentioned.  We are now in St. Charles, Maryland for at least a year for Josh's latest project ad we will be traveling back and forth to the house in Florida as often as possible.  St. Charles is Southern Maryland, about 45 minutes south of Washington DC.  A great location with lots of history and things to do in every direction. 

I have had several people ask for pictures of our apartment, so here they are, after finally getting all our stuff out of storage and getting set up.  The apartment itself is brand new, we are the first people to ever live in our suite which is really nice.  I don't think that I have never lived anywhere that was brand new before.  Our last few apartments have been pretty dirty and grimy when we moved in, so it was nice to have a new place with no long black hair and grease all over.  Not everything is where it will always be but it's a start and it's nice to have it feeling a bit more homey, especially since I already really miss our real home.  The balcony is a nice change that I am super excited to use soon too!

We also have a great fitness center in our complex as well as an outdoor pool to enjoy when the weather warms up.   We are right on a golf course and tennis courts and a small park with some walking trails so once it warms up a bit there will be lots to do to keep us active.  

As always, everyone is invited to come visit.  You'll have an air mattress in the dining room again but there is lots to do around here!


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