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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Christmas 2015!

Christmas this year was a bit different that usual as most of you probably know.  We moved in to our new house one week before Christmas day so we were crazy busy trying to get the house set up and still manage to enjoy it.  We had agreed to not do much for presents for each other since we really wanted to spend more on house stuff, but we ended up both getting each other a pretty decent amount, oh well, I didn't mind!  My parents and brother also made the trip down from Saskatchewan which was great, since I hadn't spend Christmas with them in four years, but the day after they arrived, Josh left for Maine for most of the holidays as he hadn't been home in a year and a half and hadn't spent a Christmas there in 5 years.  While we all really missed him, we still enjoyed the amazing weather and the new house.  My parents worked like crazy on the yard as it seemed it had been neglected for some time, as well as lots little household fixes and changes that I wanted.  We still managed to get out to some beaches and do some site seeing as well as play around in our pool.  

This is just a bit of an overview of Christmas, mostly of Christmas day. I will do more blogs on everything that my family and I did while they were here.  So here is our Christmas Day!

This picture was actually taken today, but I thought it was a good way to start this off, and you never would have known if I didn't say anything!  

Josh putting the star on the tree the day that we moved in, this was actually the first thing I did :)

On Christmas Eve, the Family and I went a short 5 minute drive away to Indian Trails in Palm Harbor to one of the best community Christmas light displays in the country.  I didn't get great pictures as we were trying not to hold up traffic, even thought it was a HUGE traffic jam.  Some really amazing displays and the photos do not do it justice.

As well on Christmas Eve, hot chocolate in front of the tree with kitty.

Christmas morning I was up early, as usual (I really am still a child) to open presents.  I had to wake everyone else up because I was totally being impatient.

Smudge hated her dress but enjoyed the treats in her stocking.  She also got her adorable new collar, a laser pointer and the comfiest bed that she never wants to leave.

Jimmy and Jesse thrilled to be up.

Mom and I opening gifts.  We look slightly happier than the guys.

Here are the majority of my presents.  I opened all my gifts except the ones from Josh or the ones that were to both of us.  We both waited to open those when Josh got back but I have included mine from him as well.  Sorry if I missed anything!  We also got some money from grandparents etc, something needed to buy house stuff at the moment! Miranda also got me a gift certificate to Antiques and Uniques, my favorite antique store ever which we already used to get our side table and night stands (photos to come on blog).

New Canada Olympic mittens and 2 amazing Hudson Bay towels from Michelle, a tea diffuser and spoon, a scarf and a cute little decoration from the Budreau parents.

Dill Pickle Vodka made in SK, a magic 97 (swift current) travel mug, some handmade soaps, a super cute winter hat and a Me to We bracelet/necklace from my parents/brother.  Bacon candy canes and a "County" bracelet from the Budreaus.

Gift cards from all the parents.

Purses from my mommy, love them all!

My little Tea Man.

Awesome shirt from my fam.

Necklace from the McMann parents.

Tea and teapot from my parents.

Awesome Prairie Proud (made in Saskatoon) Sweatshirt from Josh.  

Beautiful ornament from Grandma Jean.

beautiful sweater from the Mcmann parents.  

My cute winter hat, now that i think about it, it will look awesome with my sweater from Toby and Jo!

josh got me the Cat Lady Box that I have wanted for ages.  It came with a cute necklace, a little makeup pouch/purse, kitty paperclips, a magnet and 2 cat toys that Smudge loves.

my Miz Moos that I got a couple weeks before Christmas but still love!

Awesome Tarte palette from Nicole.  

All my bracelets I got.  The bottom one is a Stella and Dot one from Josh.

Roots of Fight T I have wanted for ages.  

Sign for Josh and I.

New Pandora charms from Josh.

Really cool Hemingway shot glasses from Luke and Vanessa.  Kudos to them for remembering how much I love Hemingway!

Had to post this... Josh and his onesie.  

This is actually our anniversary gift from my parents, a magnet board, but I love it and had to post it here.  I didn't get to open it until Josh was back anyway.

After presents we made our way out to Honeymoon Island to spend some time on the beach and in the waves.  Such a good time and the water was awesome!  

Santa was even there!

Right before we left a pod of dolphins made a near shore appearance.

Then it was home to enjoy the pool.

And of course cook a turkey and all the trimmings!

And then top it all off with a rousing game of Baconopoly.  This was, I am fairly certain the first game of Monopoly that i have ever won in my entire life.

We had an awesome day, and thank you to everyone for the awesome gifts, we are so spoiled and so grateful for the love and thoughtfulness that everyone shows to us!  A late merry Christmas to everyone, and I hope your day was as festive and happy as ours.  

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