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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snowzilla 2016

When I was getting ready to leave hot and sunny Florida earlier in the week, the weather forecast for the DC area didn't really have me worried too much.  Last year in New Jersey we had at least three occasions when we when we were supposed to get "Snowmageddon" or "Snowpocalypse" and really nothing, or pretty much nothing came of any of them.  When I saw we were supposed to get 30 inches, I really wanted to change my ticket and stay in Florida an extra week. BUT I didn't.  I hadn't seen snow since April, or a below freezing temperature, and about 30 minutes after I landed in DC it started to snow!   

Thursday night, we went out to Safeway to get some groceries, since we hadn't had a chance the night before.  this is what the bread and water aisles looked like.  Apparently no one here (much like NJ) keeps enough food in their home to last two days.  Gets me every time.

Anyway, when the forecast for Friday didn't change, and didn't change,  I started to wonder if this time is wasn't just an empty threat.  We were slated to get the worst of it starting around noon on Friday, and it started like clockwork at about 12:15.  



Saturday 5AM:

10:30 AM:

There seemed to be a bit of a lull in around lunchtime and we were bored so we decided to take a walk to the Dash-In gas station down the road.  The road was actually pretty decently plowed, but there was almost no one out, and the people that were, were all going to the same place we were.  We were the only ones out walking though!

I thought I needed a picture in a snowbank.  By this time we had had a bit over a foot.

When we were back inside and cozy, I decided that i should see if Miss "I constantly want to go outside" felt the same with 6 inches of snow on the balcony.  Nope.

So we just cuddled.



I took this video at about 6:30 when things were at their peak.

Waking up to a calm, lovely winter wonderland. In total we ended up getting about two feet of snow. Pretty impressive!  There are some 4-5 foot drifts from it blowing so much, especially near the end.

We went out for a drive at around noon today, they actually did a really good job getting the roads plowed off, and the sun melted off where they had plowed.  We also stopped at Target for a few things and it was the best Target experience ever, there were like six people in the whole store and no lines!

Our parking lot.  At one point I swear half the people in our building were out at the same time digging their cars out.

We didn't get the most snow in the end, I think some places in New Jersey got about 30 inches, but it was a pretty impressive storm I much say!  Being from Saskatchewan I am used to blizzards but it is so different here.  Usually in SK there is just a few inches of snow and it blows like crazy across the prairie with nothing to stop it, so I have probably never seen this much snow fall in 30 hours!  Also the amount of people is a whole other level, thank god most people stay home because a few million people out driving would be crazy!

I know there were some deaths and injuries in the storm, so my thoughts are with all affected.  We were lucky to keep power and stay safe and actually have a couple quiet, relaxing days.

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