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Friday, January 15, 2016

Fab Friday Faves 1.15.16

Hello and happy Friday everyone!  We had a great weekend with Josh's mom coming to visit and enjoying some time in our house and our little corner of Florida.  Stephanie and Josh left on Monday, Stephanie back to Maine and Josh up to Maryland to start his next job.  I will be joining him next week.  I am excited for a new adventure but very sad to be leaving our house.  It just doesn't seem like it has been long enough and I have gotten very comfortable and attached to our home.  I spent most of the week with a very bad migraine, but finally yesterday I was able to shake it and start getting a few things done around the house and wander around and enjoy the neighborhood even though it has been cold here.  I mean, not COLD but I have had to wear pants and a sweater and even turn the heat on!  

Everyone enjoy your weekend, and I will see you again next week from Maryland!

One of the first things I did when  we moved into the house was start laying out framed photos and artwork that I have been collecting for years.  I have had plans for ages to do a cool photo collage in our house when we finally got it.  It has been laid out on the floor in varying forms and finally with some free time I decided to get it up on the wall.  I think it turned out great and I am super excited about it!

I have been searching for a painting for above our couch since before we moved in.  I found a lot I liked, but it had to be massive to look right and fill the space properly.  I saw this elephant painting a few weeks ago at the Pierce Street Market in Clearwater and fell in love but the price was not quite right.  This last weekend when we went back, the price was reduced and I knew I had to have it, and Josh agreed.  The colors are perfect and I love elephants.  The artist Natalia Logvinova has a studio in Sarasota and has some amazing pieces.  check her out NaTa Art and Decor

I have been collecting wine for years on Underground Cellar, a website that sends out deals on new and rare wines and offers possible upgrades when you buy from them.  The bottles that I have ordered have been stored in what they call their Cloud Cellar and finally I was able to have them all delivered.  I was excited to be able to finally fill up our real wine rack!

The closest cafe to our house is called Organic Life Coffeehouse and Bakery and I was finally able to visit it this week.  They have a huge menu of coffee, teas lattes and even milkshakes as well as sandwich type items, soups salads and breakfast.  Everything is made with organic ingredients from scratch.  I loved everything that I had and can't wait to try more items because I have heard nothing but rave reviews.

A family friend of mine found this photo online that I had never seen before.  The handsome ginger on the right is my dad.  It is always fun to find pictures that you never knew existed, especially of family that is no longer with us.

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  1. Just dropping in! I love that wine idea. I haven't heard of it, but it's got me interested. Love that wall, too! Happy Friday.

  2. Great wall! I love the piece for above your sofa as well. That wine club sounds fabulous! I'm going to share that. So you're leaving FL for MD? God bless it. I would try so hard to stay where it is warm!!! But I know how it goes! xo and happy weekend Amanda

  3. You've decorated you place so well, I love that elephant painting and it's perfect for over your sofa :)

    Away From The Blue Blog