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Friday, January 29, 2016

Fab Friday Faves 1.29.16

Happy Friday Darlings!  This week was literally the quietest week ever.  We were snowed in Friday, Saturday and Sunday and this whole not having anything in walking distance and not having a vehicle most of the time will take some getting used to!  I had some major USPS issues this week... they didn't deliver from Friday Until Thursday!  I had a box that I mailed to myself two day priority The day before I left Florida and still hadn't gotten it Wednesday night, so I called the post office yesterday morning, got them to pull it (and two other less important Amazon boxes) and I went down yesterday morning and got them.  Pretty sad.  Apparently the roads were too bad, but all of the roads have been fine since Monday.  Grr!   After that debacle, Nicole and I went out and she showed me the area and we had a great afternoon.  Everyone have a fantastic weekend and we will see you next week!

1. Josh and I went to get a few things at Target and found all of these different pickles.  They are all delicious!  Highly recommend (the Bloody Mary ones are obviously awesome in a Bloody Mary!) and they are on Target Cartwheel right now.

2. I had been avoiding this Boom Chicka Pop all holiday season because I just didn't need it.  I really wanted to try it but I was having willpower.  In walks Nicole with a box of goodies for me on my firsts day here and she had a bag of it in the box.  I obviously had to try it right away, and OMG so amazing!  I was really sad that it was all off the shelves at the grocery stores (and $12 a bag on Amazon!) until Nicole and I went to Big Lots yesterday and they had at least a dozen bags.  We stocked up so I should be happy for at least a week.  

3. Anyone that reads my blog regularly knows that I finally have the apartment all set up and am settled in.  Check out that blog here.

4. Walmart is carrying a bunch of the "Pioneer Woman" line of goodies.  If you don't know the Pioneer Woman, Google her.  I have been using her recipes for  ages and now she has a line of adorable country style kitchen items.  I had to have this utensil holder for $11!

5. I had to put Smudge on here.  She has been such a trooper the last few months, moving around and living in chaos.  She really is the most amazingly adaptable, sweetest well behaved little princess.

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  1. your kitty looks like mine ha! so glad i came across your blog from the link up! cant wait to continue reading your posts and hope you'll stop by mine as well!

  2. Oh my gosh I'm obsessed with Boom Chicka Pop I can't buy it. It's dangerous stuff. I've been following the Pioneer Woman and her new line for a while now but have yet to take the plunge. It's good to know that it's worth it :)

  3. I just got a kitty and she kinda looks like yours! I've never had boom Chika pop cause I know I'm going to love it so I am just completely avoiding it!

  4. I love the Pioneer Woman's dishes! So adorable! I hope you can stop by:


  5. Hello from the linky party! I love your apartment - so pretty and nicely decorated! And your kitty is so adorable :)


  6. Your cat is so cute! :)

    Your apartment looks lovely - you've settled in well! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  7. What a bummer about the mail! That stinks! Your place looks great though! Have a great weekend!

  8. I can't believe USPS wasn't delivering mail! Whatever happened to "neither snow nor rain .." ??