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Friday, January 22, 2016

Fab Friday Faves 1.22.16

Happy Friday Everyone!  So Smudge and I made it to Maryland on Wednesday after spending the last few days enjoying and preparing the house.  It was nice to get here and start getting settled in, but  my timing was not ideal.  First of all it is colder right now than I have felt since probably April, maybe even March, and a massive blizzard is set to hit the DC area later this afternoon with like 30 inches of snow!  Josh and I went out to get some produce at the store last night and this is what the bread (and water) aisles looked like!

Anyway, Wish us luck that this storm won't end up being quite as bad as they say, and PLEASE everyone be careful and stay safe!  I know we are far enough south that this does not happen that often and people forget how to drive and behave, so just stay calm and stay home!

Everyone that is not in the middle of this Snowpocalypse area, have an awesome weekend and enjoy the nice weather!

1. Like I said, Smudge and I made it to Maryland.  It is always an adventure traveling with a pet but I could not have asked for a better behaved kitty!  We were in the airport for about 1.5 hours, had a 2 hour flight, then about another 1.5 hours to get my bag and get home, so it was about the shortest day of travel we have ever had!  We shared a cheese string on the plane in honor of National Cheese Day and then she just slept while I read.  The first thing we saw when we pulled out of the airport was the Washington Monument, which was cool, and the sunrise from the apartment the next morning was beautiful, just too cold!

2. I had been working a little bit on my mantle at the house before I left.  It is nowhere near done, but I did get my vintage window all painted up and then of course resanded to make it look old again haha.  I'm not totally sure if I am going to make it a picture frame or leave it how it is and decorate the mantle around it.  I also ordered this whale from Pier 1.  I guess I should have checked the measurements, because I assumed it was like a foot long and was going to also put it on the mantle, but it is almost 3 feet long.  So for now he will just sit in front of the fireplace until I figure out where his home is.  He is so cute though!

3.  this Egret just made me laugh one day walking home from the store.  It was crazy windy (We had some massive storms in Florida on the weekend) and I think he was trying to just stay in the shelter of this wall but when I walked by him he stopped walking, turned away and totally did the "I'm a statue" thing.  Poor guy but it was so cute!

 4. I picked this amazing vintage, porcelain Octopus up at Antiques and Uniques on Sunday.  He fits the decor perfectly and I have been obsessed with the retro octopus pattern lately so I was really excited!

5. I went to the post office on the weekend because I sent all of my stamps ahead to Maryland with Josh and of course I ended up needing to mail a couple letters.  I was delighted to see the Harry Potter special edition set!  I love Harry Potter and I love stamps so I really was more excited than the average person.  Anyway they are a beautiful set, and there are even a couple with Professor Snape. RIP Alan Rickman!

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  1. Stay warm and dry and all that jazz through this winter crap. I woke up to 3 inches on the ground with more falling at a fast pace. I hate it. Maybe you can get back to FL soon! Love the old window-scape, very cute! xo Amanda

  2. How's the snow going?? Not too bad? We've been ok here in NC but I think you're supposed to get the brunt of it up in DC!! Your mantle is coming along! I'm loving what you're doing. I like the frame without pictures in it! Stay warm and cozy this weekend!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea