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Friday, February 12, 2016

Fab Friday Faves 2.12.16

Happy Friday darlings!  I'm not sure how, but the time is absolutely flying by.  I have been spending time reading, catching up on TV shows, going to the gym and having some outings with the girls and I am not sure where the time is actually going!  I have to give a big congrats to Super Bowl champs, the Denver Broncos!  I can gloat a bit since I think I was one of 12 people in the country that actually believed they could win.  I also have to congratulate my Grandma Jean who bowled an amazing 275 yesterday, the best game of her life!  I wish I had inherited some skill like that!  It has been unseasonably cold her the last week too, so outdoor time has been limited, which I'm not going to lie is making me a little something something.  I'm hoping it warms up shortly so that I can get out more during the week and Josh and I can spend more time outside hiking in the awesome state and national parks we have surrounding us.

I'm sure you all know that Valentines Day is this weekend and I hope those of you that celebrate it have an awesome one, and those of you that aren't also have a great day whatever you are doing.  Josh and I are going out for dinner on Saturday as he is going snowboarding with the guys for the day on Sunday.  It will likely be the last chance they have to all go together this year so I guess it's acceptable ;)  Anyway, Have a great weekend, stay warm and enjoy my Five!

1. On Saturday, Josh and I took our first trip into Washington, DC ever.  We had an awesome lunch at a Diners, Drive-in's and Dives restaurant, the Tune Inn on Capitol Hill and then took in the some of the sites.  The White House, The war memorials, the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial.  It was really amazing to finally get to see all of these iconic places.  Stay tuned for a blog with more about our day.

2.  I meant to post this last week, but I forgot.  Fitbit sent me this year end summary and I must say, after seeing it I am pretty proud of myself.  I know I walk a lot and take a lot of steps but I didn't realize how much more than most I actually do.  I tok almost 4 MILLION steps, and this isn't even a record of all of 2015 because I only got my Fitbit in mid March.  I am telling you, if you don't have a Fit Bit or other fitness tracker, you should look into it.  I really am motivated by it and I really work hard and do anything I can to get my 10000 steps in.  I actually have only had maybe 10 days in the last year when I didn't get that many steps in.  Considering that is 4-5 miles everyday, (when we were in New Jersey a lot of days I would be 10000-20000 steps or more) I think I can brag a little!

3. I posted how happy I was with my new kettle last week, and this week I am going to say how happy I am with my other appliance purchase, my Fagor Lux Multi Cooker.  I left our Slow Cooker at the house so I desperately needed one here, especially with this cold weather.  I did a ridiculous amount of research and found this one at Macy's online on one of their great sales.  It has amazing reviews and it is a slow cooker, a pressure cooker, a rice cooker and a yogurt maker.  I have never used a pressure cooker before so I need to get that and the yogurt maker functions figured out, but it is an awesome slow cooker and rice cooker.  totally highly recommend this!

4. Tuesday was National Bagel Day and Einstein Bros. Bagels was having a buy something get a free bagel and shmear deal so Nicole and I headed over there with Lindsey and the kids to celebrate.  I got the Cheese bagel with Garlic and Chive cream cheese and a Chai Latte.  So delicious!

5. Nicole and I went to the mall on Wednesday and stopped in at Old Navy.   I found this super cute poncho on the clearance rack.  Obviously this is not me, but lets pretend it looks this good on me too. By the looks of the forecast I will be needing sweaters for a while longer so I think the $18 was worth it!

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  1. Love that Poncho, can't wait to hear more about your DC trip. We live so close, but never really go in and enjoy it!

  2. Great list and I love that poncho! I hope you have a great weekend :)

    - Seri

  3. ahhh that poncho is adorable and sounds like you're having a great time in DC! so glad i came across your blog in the linkup! hope you'll stop by mine! happy vday weekend friend!

  4. I just got an Instant Pot, which is very similar to the pot you have. There are tons of recipes out there for the pressure cooker and people seem to love them.

    Glad you had a nice visit to DC - so much to see here!

  5. Wow! That is alot of steps. Congrats! I always find great deals at Old Navy. Why is it that winters last so much longer than summers? I have to go there soon.

  6. I need that multi cooker in my life. The fact that it makes yogurt blows my mind! Just wanted to take the time to tell you that your blog is so cute. I love the layout. If you are interested, one of my friends and fellow blogger are hosting a Monday Link up: