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Friday, February 26, 2016

Fab Friday Faves 2.26.16

Happy Friday Beauties!  Greetings from Maryland, the state that can't decide between freezing cold  and blizzards and humid and thunderstorms.  I would take a happy medium!  The weekend was actually beautiful, we spent some time in Annapolis and it felt fantastic to have 60F temperatures!  Then it got cold, and then Wednesday we had violent thunderstorms that hit what seems like the entire east coast.  On Monday, I went back to Annapolis with Lindsey, the kids and Nicole.  we went to this AMAZING mall where we spent the afternoon with the kids.  There were some really great and unique stores there that I never get to go to, so it was nice for some change and the kids are always so much fun to hang out with!  Wednesday I had to go for my one week eye check up to make sure that my contacts were fitting properly and not hurting my eyes.  Everything looked good and I THINK that I finally have the hang of how to get them out, so I ordered a box of colored ones (just a brighter green) to try out.  I'm hoping that they arrive soon because I am really excited to try them out.  Honestly that is pretty much the extent of my week.  I was actually really busy, but mostly I am running slow and really tired because I cannot get over this stupid cold I have had for two weeks!  I never get colds so I figure it is just making up for the lack of sickness I have had in the last few years.  Hopefully i can go another couple weeks without getting another one.

Josh and I plan on getting a Maryland Wine Passport this weekend and going to try out some of the 80ish wineries in the state, and probably out to a place called the Calvert Cliffs for some hiking.  Hopefully the weather stays decent!

Everyone enjoy your weekend!

1. Like I mentioned, Josh and I went to Annapolis, Maryland, home of the U.S Naval Academy.  this has to be on of the most prettiest, most historic, most fun towns I have ever been to.  It is filled with old buildings (almost every business and home has a plaque on it, telling it's historic significance) and awesome little bars, shops and restaurants.  We had such a great time wandering and having lunch and taking in the sites.

2.  I finally had to include my favorite magazine in my 5.  I have read Real Simple for years and it is absolutely my favorite magazine ever.  It has the best recipes, home ideas and just in general great articles and amazing photos.

3.  I have been getting samples of 100% Pure in my Birchbox for a couple years now and loved everything, so around Christmas I took the plunge and bought the Vitamin A and CoQ10 Wrinkle Smoothing Night Cream.  I am IN LOVE with it.  My skin has never  felt so hydrated and smooth.  When we went to Annapolis on Monday, there happened to be a 100% Pure store in the mall so I decided to check one of their most popular products, the Jasmine Green Tea Caffeine Eye Cream and again I am in love.  It gets rid of the little crows feet under my eyes which makes me happy.  They also have a new makeup line  and a haircare line, and I plan on trying all of them.  Check out their stuff here.

4. Kiko milano has been one of my favorite makeup stores for about a year now.  We had one in the mall in Jersey City and I love their reasonably priced products.  The mall in Annapolis had the store and they had some of their products on buy 3 get 3 free, including their valentines line.  I loved the lipstick colors and I know they are great quality AND how cute are the heart shaped lipsticks and the little hearts on the tubes?

5.  Nicole introduced this Coconut Rice from Target to me a few weeks ago and I could be addicted if I let myself!  It is so good and so simple and I don't even love rice.  I also hate cooking it so it makes it way better. 

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  1. Annapolis is so pretty! I hope you have a great weekend!

  2. I've been lusting after Kiko for so long! I don't know why I haven't gone, I think there's one in LA....

  3. that coconut rice actually looks SUPER awesome ha! so glad i found your blog- its too cute girl!

  4. You had a good week! Haha we definitely have to go back to the mall in Annapolis! And now I want coconut rice!

  5. That coconut rice looks and sounds delicious. I will definitely need to keep an eye out for it next time I'm in target.