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Friday, February 5, 2016

Fab Friday Faves 2.5.16

Happy Friday, Darlings! Is anyone as excited as I am that Phil says we will have an early spring?  I have only had two weeks of winter but I am so over it!  This week has been pretty quiet again, and not to jinx myself but I haven't had a migraine all week!  I am super sore from hitting the gym harder... not a fan of the soreness but it feels good to get back in the gym, it's been a while.  Josh and I had our first couple of day trips since we have been in Maryland on the weekend so it was nice to get out and see what surrounds us.  We also went to Costco. my favorite place in the whole world haha.  Nicole and I had a couple shopping outings, which has been nice because it's really been my only outings other than a couple walks in the park behind the house.  I'm hoping that we can find something fun to do this weekend, maybe a trip into DC for the day to explore a little bit.

 As I'm sure everyone knows, Super Bowl is this weekend, always a fun time and go Broncos!  For those of you who missed it, I put up some of my favorite Super Bowl snacks earlier in the week, check those out if you are having a party.  Everyone have a lovely weekend and we will see you next week!

1. My awesome Cuisinart kettle came on Wednesday.  I have a kettle at the house that I love but for as much tea as I drink, I really needed one here.  This one has different temperature settings for each kind of tea as well as french press and black coffee.  I am not a really hot tea lover.... well more of a wuss I guess so it is nice to be able to set it below the boiling point so I don't have to wait 30 minutes to drink it.

2. Like I said, Josh and I had a couple day trips on the weekend.  We went out to St. mary City, the first capital of Maryland and had a nice lunch close by.  Sunday we went to Piscataway National Park and Fort Washington.  None of these places were open as much as they will be in a couple months but it was really cool to walk around and enjoy what we could pretty much alone.  

3. On Tuesday my Try The World box arrived.  I have wanted to try this subscription box for a while and when I got an email saying I could get a trial box for $5 I was sold.  This box is the Paris box, filled with spices, food, tea and treats from France.  I was really impressed with the amount that I got and the value of the items since I got it for only $5!  If I want to continue  my box and tour of different countries I can pay $39 every two months.  If you want to try it, click here so that we both get some % off of my next box.

 4. For Christmas my mom got me this beautiful bracelet and for Valentines these really cute mittens. Both items are from Me to We, a great organization that encourages people of all ages to learn about how they can help make the world a better place.  The proceeds from all the products give back to the people that make them and go toward creating opportunities for people all over the world.  All the items as well as the info about how you can get involved can be found on their website.  Mom also told me that Staples in Canada carry some of the products and I know that PacSun in the US also has some, if they aren't sold out right away.

5. One of my favorite foods are Gyoza aka potstickers, aka dumplings.  Any restaurant that we go to that has these I get them and when they are steamed they also are a really healthy lunch.  I found these veggie ones at Costco on the weekend and was super impressed with how good they were.  I am trying to eat mostly vegetarian lately especially durum the day so these are a delicious and filling lunch.  I dip them in a little bit of gyoza dipping sauce for an added bit of yum.

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  1. Costco is one of my favorite places to shop too :) It's WAY too much fun! But we haven't gotten those potstickers at our Costco!! I'm SO jealous! I comb that aisle often hoping one day something will be there, but no. Maybe soon if you have them!! Fingers crossed! Enjoy the Super Bowl - we're rooting for the home team, Panthers, but it will be a REALLY good game!!

  2. That kettle is so freaking cool! I'm terrible at getting water the right temp for tea.