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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Winning Superbowl Snacks

Super Bowl is one of my favorite times of year.  Not just because of the football, but it is also a time for friends to get together and eat some fun snack food.  This year, might be a quiet Super Bowl year sadly, as it is on quite late out here on the East Coast, regardless, I am going to share some of my favorite game day recipes.  I have included a couple recipes that are a tad bit healthier, but remember, every recipe can be cleaned up a bit with a few small changes (skim or low fat cheese, low fat mayo and cream cheese, turkey bacon or Pancetta or extra veggies in the recipes with veggies) to make you feel a little bit less guilty and minimal flavor change.

One of my favorite and a famous one I have been making for years.  Really easy to lighten it up too.

I actually haven't tried this one but how can it not be epic?

Another classic and one of my favorites.  Really easy to spice up with your own spin.  I usually add some chili powder and a couple other spices into the cream cheese.  I have also made these with pickles instead of jalepenos.  yum!

Delicious, healthy and so easy!  Dip them in some ranch or Buffalo sauce.

A lightened up version of a classic.

Everybody loves Seven Layer Dip and this makes it less messy and less chance of double dipping.

I  leave out the eggs when it's for a party snack but I totally suggest using the precooked sausages and Pillsbury Crescent Rolls.  So much better!  Also awesome with Parmesan cheese on top and dipped in Marinara.

You can't EVER go wrong with bacon!

I am in love with Deviled Eggs of any kind but this is a nice way to dress them up and give them some excitement. 

Josh loves pickle chips and this just makes them a little healthier, which is great because they are impossible to stop eating!

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